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    Wow, that IS a huge mark up! I saw the new RoC TRU exclusive Snow Serpent at a toy show yesterday for $18 Cdn, which is way less than it usually goes for on eBay and I still passed it up. I figure I'll get a couple when i find them at retail and until then 25th Snow Serpents will fill out my Cobra Winter forces.

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    One problem is that a figure like this has an inflated price now, and when it hits stores more regularly scalpers will seek it out to resell it, keeping the price high and the figure hard to find.

    Not that I'm telling you anything you don't already know. I hope this SE doesn't become the "Flint" of the ROC line.

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    The thing is, this most likely isn't going to be a rare or difficult to find figure. This wave of figures had to be manufactured before the sales of the first waves experienced a significant drop-off, so the quantities made are most likely similar. Having any problem finding any of the other Snake Eyes figures? I'm certainly not. These figures will find their way to shelves, just like every other single carded figure during the 25th line. Now that stores have dropped their pricing (Target, Wal Mart, and even Shopko are all sub $7 around here), the figures are moving (finally).

    I haven't paid more than retail for any figure yet, and I've gotten every figure I wanted. The only figures I never saw were the variants - Transparent Wraith, Yellow Stalker, and 25th Black Timber Snake Eyes. I've seen everything else, even the RoC variants with the exception of the black tattoo Night Adder, but that wave is just starting to hit around here and I first saw it two days ago, so I'm sure I'll see black tattoo Night Adders before too long.

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    Thumbs up

    I bought the Target exclusive Rescue Missions set today with the 'Resolute' Snake Eyes, which is a very, very cool figure! The only difference is that he has the visor, whereas City Strike Snake Eyes wears a mask, plus he's molded in black instead of gray. And the entire set is only $15.00 plus tax, a lot cheaper than what the dealer wants for ONE figure!

    The Rescue Missions Snake Eyes is my new "default" Snake Eyes.
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    I ordered it from Targets website tonight and they have it for $20.00 now but I still think it is worth it its an awesome Snake eyes figure.

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    [QUOTE=JMM82]The only drawback is that he's gray instead of black, /QUOTE] of right now. It will be repainted and reused again at some point. It's Snake Eyes and it's Hasbro.

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    I fully expect to see multiple re-uses of this mold. Looks great. Will have one in hand whenever I ship my damn Pile of Loot.

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    I picked up the Target Rescue Exclusive yesterday and looking at ebay today, I'll wait to find the single carded version in the store.

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    Hey, i was just got a CS SE from the Mail (got a couple loose from the $17 ebay seller, it actually sums up pretty nice to me as an international buyer) , and while playing around took some pics, just wanted to share since what got me to buy it was a review i read here and on, i still have some figures from the 80s but these are awesome:

    "Under the feet of the Goddess"

    lights out (just a flashlight strategically placed)

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    $34.99? Are they nuts? It's a really nice figure, but I'm a patient and prudent man. I can wait until mass release and pick one up at my local Target for under seven bucks.


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