City Strike Snake Eyes

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    City Strike Snake Eyes

    This version of Snake Eyes is very cool, probably the best yet, IMHO. The only drawback is that he's gray instead of black, but it's still a cool figure and I plan on buying him. But there is one website out there where City Strike Snake Eyes is going for $34.99. To me that's major price gouging; a ripoff! I realize that this figure is "in demand", but when one of the sponsors of this website has this figure marked at that price I think it's insane. $20.00 is a fair price, but $34.99?! Come on! That's ridiculous. My eyes about popped out when I saw that!

    This figure sells for, what, $7.99 or $8.99 at Target or Wal-Mart? So some people would actually be willing to shell out an extra $26.00/$27.00 just to have it NOW instead of patiently waiting for its mass release??? I have not personally found this in the stores yet where I live, but I know I will sometime in the near future. It'll eventually show up at the local stores, possibly in a few months, and then I'll snag it for the $7.99 or $8.99 that it's really worth. And then the dealer will probably have several of his $35.00 'City Strike Snake Eyes' left over in his basement or wherever he keeps them!

    I've bought a few Joe figures and some other items over the past two or so years from this guy and felt like I paid a fair price for whatever I bought from him. I've always had great service and a speedy delivery time. Maybe he's trying to make a buck (or several is more like it), but I won't be buying CSSE from him. Trying to take advantage of people isn't right. Sorry if you don't agree, but you have to admit that price gouging is wrong. It's no different with gasoline prices when these gas stations gouge people when a hurricane or other disaster strikes.
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    I saw this to on the site and instant thought of I will find the figure in the store. Even on ebay it is going for a high price. Now with Target lowering their price, I will be looking for him there first.

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    about $16 on Ebay. not too bad
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    $16.00. On ebay. Hmmmm....LESS than HALF of what the dealer is selling it for!

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    I ordered from that dealer, but just ordered a sealed case of the assortment at regular price. Works for me.

    Keep in mind the assortment he's in is TERRIBLE. Five new figures and seven from the earlier collections. I will be swapping the old ones at retail probably.

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    No offense to anyone, but only a sucker would pay more than MSRP.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Average Joe
    about $16 on Ebay. not too bad
    Wouldn't be bad if MIB, but it is loose and the others that are BIN are higher and the lower starting ones for auction have plenty of time to get up in the price range.

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    The value of this figure going over MSRP is pretty much a given. Lots of retailers will never even get this assortment, since they are sitting on tons of product already. He is packed in a bad carton, so to offset the inventory of undesirable product he comes with his value goes up with collectable dealers.

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    I'm probably only going to buy one if I find one locally. I won't be surprised if I do. I haven't had many problems finding what I want from the RoC line lately.

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    down here in AUS it's all ways 20 bucks for a figure were lucky if they get brought down to 10 bucks


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