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    AFA Loose Figures

    i am in the market for some loose graded figures. I cant seem to find to many of them. Ive check evilbay and there is only a few. Ive check a number of sites and they are never updated and are always sold out. Where is the best place to look for them. If any one reading this has some to part with let me know. I just enjoy them in the cases so grade does not matter. Also is there anyone that makes the cases for loose figures. And does AFA grade vechiels loose like the do figures.

    thanks for any info

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    I know Brians Toys had quite a few of them. I havent checked there in a while though.
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    Brian's Toys

    yeah dom i have checked and every item they have is out of stock and has been for sometime.

    still looking

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    You might not want to hear this, but the best place, potentially, is to just buy rough condition MOC figures and have them graded loose uncirculated. The loose AFA market has gotten better, but it is a smaller market without many dealers willing to commit the resources for the cost. It might be better for you to find your own figures, and have them loose graded.

    If you're really hard up for pieces, I have a V2 Snake Eyes AFA 90 loose. Feel free to make me an offer via PM.
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    yeah that is what i was thinking about was getting some beat up mocs as they seem to sell for not much. i have noticed a large amount of loose graded starwars and heman figures on ebay. just nothing gi joe.

    so needless to say i am still looking

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    Be wary when buying graded loose figures. AFA has been known to grade figures with accessory pack weapons, as well as bootleg figures.

    These mistakes haven't taken a real toll on resale value of AFA graded items overall, but it bears mention that you will always - even on a graded item - want to look at the pictures carefully when purchasing.
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    yeah i know about afa and there slipping of the bootleg and acc. pack weapons. that is why i was looking on the boards. i really dont care about the grade i just like the figures in the cases for some reason.

    thanks dan for the info

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    I have several up for bids now. More AFA loose figures will be added next week. Check them out!!
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    I have several AFA graded figures on the bay
    make sure you check them out!!
    Best regards
    Check me out on Ebay!!



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