finally after years of looking i found one.

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    finally after years of looking i found one.

    today i got a package i bought off ebay of misc joe stuff paperwork stickers and a bag of flag points. took everything out of the box i was going though the flagg points and was looking to see what each flag point came from, and them as i went to grab another handful there it was.

    it was unapplied i was so excited isnt like i was looking on ebay everyday or anything, but i was always keeping an eye out for it. i have one that has been applied to dukes arm, but not by itself. this sticker is so hard to find.
    thanks for reading.

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    Wow. Just wow. That's an amazing surprise discovery. Congrats!
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    Awesome and congrats on the great find.

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    That is awesome. I have been looking for one for years now with no luck. Its always nice to find those hidden gems when buying lots..

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    Congrats man. Just once I'd like for something like that to happen to me.
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    That is definitely a great score! I had all but given up on the sticker in any form, but I won a loose complete Duke with a mint sticker already applied a few months back, which I was thrilled with. But to find an unapplied one in the bottom of a box.....superb!
    A most excellent idea sire!

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