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    #21 is one of my favourites plus its the first appearance of Storm Shadow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tkjaer21
    Am I the only one whom likes the military aspect of Snake Eyes more-so than the Ninja aspect? Even in all of the comics, I prefer the many different characters over Snake Eyes because he was over used and transformed into a Ninja as the years went on.

    I even like the Dreadnoks theme over the Ninja theme. I have nothing against Ninjas, but it was way overused in the '80s and '90s.

    Perhaps, the reason that dissolved the Marvel run was because of the over-hyped ninja sword brothers theme that was over bearing.

    Is it blasphemous to like G.I. Joe and not Snake Eyes as I prefer the military aspect? Only if Snake Eyes would have just stayed a military Commando.
    I hear your points. You're right, it didn't seem like he appeared on the scene as soldier & martial artist. The original cover art ("commando") Uzi and demolitions pack seemed to be his gig.

    I just looked at the first S.E. file card and it said that "he's proficient in 12 martial arts..." but his primary specialty is infantry (second is hand-to-hand instructor). I could live with a whole non-ninjaiee S.E., but the early part of the Marvel run was fun to read as they revealed his mystical background. I don't really know what happened beyond issue 60 or so (waiting for the IDW reprints!) but I've seen that whole Ninja Force thing in a few assorted back issues - would be hard to avoid since in those few years, martial arts/Karate Kid were popular, T.M.N.T. were popular, everyone was lining up to take Karate classes...

    Did you ever see that Discovery show about ninjas? They talked about the old Japan "real-thing" and then the interesting thing was that they compared their supernatural seeming feats with the commandos of today - SEALs, etc. Which makes sense, because they go through some Gawd-awful stuff, have to be able to run 13 miles, etc. etc.

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    I have no issue at all with any aspect of Snake Eyes. He may have started out military, but as time went on and maybe from some outside influences of joe, he was adapted to fill a certain role. Someone needed to counter the force known as Storm Shadow. Spirit sure as heck wasn't going to cut it. I always thought that match up was stupid. Indian vs. ninja? I don't think so

    Anyway, all that to say that Snake Eyes is the perfect military/ninja commando!
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    I didn't like the ninja thing, either. This is probably the only imaginative part of the line that I didn't like - including the Cobra-La thing - I had no problems with that. As a toy line, it's expected to be at least somewhat fictional, but the ninja stuff was everywhere. Unfortunately it even spilled into Joes.

    It was even worse though when they made Zartan into a ninja (?!?). Oh well, a few things just didn't happen in my Joe-verse, which was a handpicked mix of comics, cartoons & imagination.

    (but no ninjas)

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    Quote Originally Posted by CGC
    It was even worse though when they made Zartan into a ninja (?!?). Oh well, a few things just didn't happen in my Joe-verse, which was a handpicked mix of comics, cartoons & imagination.

    (but no ninjas)
    Wasn't Zartan a Rockstar-Ninja? Yeah, that didnt sit too well with me neither
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    Snake-eyes is so popular because he is a badass commando/ninja. If you really think about they are the same just from different parts of the world. True, he persona got turned into a ninja and Hasbro went with that, but they are gonna do what ever sells product the most. I didnt like when they make him out to be a one man wrecking crew, the man has to have back up or a partner to watch his back. But as a character in my Joeverse, he has a helping hand be it Stalker, Kamakura, Scarlett, or even Storm Shadow ( I like to think of him as a Joe since Cobra has the ninja vipers and night creepers).

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    Zartan was a villain from the start of their timeline though and was hired to infiltrate the Arashikage clan to assasinate Snake Eyes and to infiltrate he had to do ninja training.

    Almost all the main characters have had some ninja training or derive from that part of the story.

    One of the surprising parts was when I find out Firefly is a ninja lol

    I find it curious that all the toys I liked without even knowing they where ninjas where my favourites. Firefly was always up there along with zartan for my favourite villains.

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    If it hadn't been for the ninjas, I would have never been hooked on Joes the way I was as a kid. I loved the ninja side of Snake Eyes. In my Joeverse, he rarely used a gun. When Ninja Force came out, I was sooo excited. I did not like all the spring action gimmicks but, I didn't use them either. I could play with and pose their arms in a way that didn't use the gimmick.

    I do think they got too much attention at certain points but I enjoyed it still.
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    Wonderful thread and great posts from a lot of great collectors.

    I didn't even know SE couldn't speak till like 84 when I started reading the comics- really threw my Joeverse upside down. I think of SE as a real BA but not the end all beat all. He is in his element when working with Duke, Beachhead, etc- it's a team effort for me with Joe- one guy ain't it.

    He is always "version 1" for me- a super highly motivated Spec Ops guy who is highly proficient with martial arts- not out of the realm of reality at all- what is is when he is 50 meters or so from a Cobra who fires a smg at him and he can run in a straight line and take the Cobra guy out (like we saw in Resolute). The core thing that I love Joe for is that it is a team, not an individual who wins the day.

    I love the Sideshow 12" SE because to me that figure is a ramped up version 1. He has the swords and all but they certainly don't make the figure.

    The thing I find odd about all of this is that a lot of the "REspect" and "honor" is something you find with Bushido and the way of the Samurai- a ninja wouldn't really know anything about that.

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    If you think about it. The SE character development is congruent to his nature. As a member of the Arashikage Clan, he was shrouded in a world of duality. Being the top member of the clan at his time yet also being a gaijin (an American studying ancient ways). Being trained to be an assassin, but not being able to accept the responsibilities of being a stone-cold murderer.

    I do agree that with the Ninja mania (TMNT - need I say more), that occurred in the 80's and 90's that even the Joeverse overindulged. But that's not to say that I didn't like the SE/SS ninja stories. The only thing I didn't like is Stormy's fence riding loyalty. In my eyes, SS and SE are like Ying and Yang. They're forever examples of what the other could be. But Ninjas were way to frickin' cool *sarcasm* to be bad guys, so they had to make SS good. But then there goes the interesting side story between the Arashikage Sword Brothers.
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