Why is Snake Eyes so popular? A military theme that went wrong.


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    Why is Snake Eyes so popular? A military theme that went wrong.

    Am I the only one whom likes the military aspect of Snake Eyes more-so than the Ninja aspect? Even in all of the comics, I prefer the many different characters over Snake Eyes because he was over used and transformed into a Ninja as the years went on.

    I even like the Dreadnoks theme over the Ninja theme. I have nothing against Ninjas, but it was way overused in the '80s and '90s.

    Perhaps, the reason that dissolved the Marvel run was because of the over-hyped ninja sword brothers theme that was over bearing.

    Is it blasphemous to like G.I. Joe and not Snake Eyes as I prefer the military aspect? Only if Snake Eyes would have just stayed a military Commando.

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    How did you manage to get your avatar and info in your post? lol.

    Anyway, I'm a fan of the ninja scene, and I don't mind Snake Eyes being one. However, I feel he is way over used and over rated. He should be a secondary character that gets a few bright spots, but remains in the shadows most often.

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    This term is often used regarding superheroes like Superman and the Hulk, but I think Snake Eyes should be "powered down". He may be a ninja but he's still a human being.

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    Well unfortunately ol Snake Eyes fell victim of the Ninja craze of those years. In the early books there were a lot of different heroes and storylines. Snake Eyes while a player was not the driving force liek he became in the later years. Blame Hasbro on the one I am sure...they seemed to drive what went on in the books and Snake Eyes was a mover on the shelves. I know he was hard to find when I was a kid and several of his newer figs in teh 25th were hard to find (well they all were, but he was never a peg warmer). This of course led to him not having just subtle ninja powers, but the full range and he somehow became a headliner. His popularity and Storm Shadows allowed Hasbro and Marvel to shove the ninja force line down our throats. Also because karate action was a neat feature they now had a nice sub-team to promote it.

    Personally I like early Snake Eyes. He had some key moments, but then so did any other Joe that needed a spotlight or two.

    Can you imagine the Rip-Corde storyline in the later comics It would have been Snake Eyes on cobra island disquised as Zartan.

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    As a kid of the 80's, nothing was more awesome then Dinosaurs or Ninjas.

    The companies did what they could to satisfy that need and their wallets.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MikePrime
    This term is often used regarding superheroes like Superman and the Hulk, but I think Snake Eyes should be "powered down". He may be a ninja but he's still a human being.
    Yeah, I think the earlier issues had it just right. He was one bad dude, but he wasn't invincible. I really liked the ninja storyline. I thought it was very well written. It just got out of hand due to Hasbro. The Ninja Force just killed that storyline.
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    Snake Eyes is the Boba Fett of the Joeverse.
    A character surrounded in a lot of mystery and curiosity.
    So everyone was interested in who what he was about.
    With all that shroud of classification in his filecard.
    He hasnt exactly had it easy over the years.
    attack in his cabin, red ninjas attacking later on, being captured by Venom and tortured with the brainwave scanner, being captured by the Baroness after his surgery. Getting re-scarred.
    He was taken down a notch in DDP, Wraith pretty much handed him his hat.

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    Highly specialized trained soldiers in martial arts, martial arts weaponary and specialized military weaponary are really modern day ninjas using modern day equipment. They just went overboard with Snake Eyes and funny enough as a kid growing up I didnt even have a Snake Eyes figure until like version 4 or something. I had all Storm Shadows though because I always felt that Storm Shadow was the true ninja while Snake Eyes was a Commando with a bit of ninja training.

    I agree about the point about ninjas being popular in the 80's and the push for more ninja content.

    As a side note I have alwasy felt that Snake Eyes is over rated and Storm Shadow is under rated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by psycho_klown66
    nothing was more awesome then Dinosaurs
    GI Joe and Jurassic park dinos went good together.

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    I think a lot of the love of snake eyes is that he really could have been anyone. with all the black out costume kids probablly could pretend he was anyone, black/white/red/yellow, good/bad what have you. so they identified with him.

    The ninja stuff got a bit out of hand though. I've always liked him a lot and tried to get all of his figures back in the day but never did... I'm still missing a couple early ones since my original v1 is just sorta there in parts. When McFarlanne drew him for the gijoe special he made him look and pose just like spiderman on the cover... I pretty well hated that. Hasbro just thought that they had to do the same thing that was "popular" at the time which was Power Rangers... crap like that so they took the theme and used it as much as they could... changing times = changing characters.

    I just wish they would have used the ninja thing sparingly like they did early on... an issue like gijoe #21 was amazing for the time, and even today.


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