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    For Sale

    This list is a little old, but most of the stuff on here still applies. If you are looking for something specific that's not on the list, point me toward your wants list. I have picked up quite a bit of other stuff since I put this list together, but I haven't had much time to edit it. I'll update this as soon as time permits. Anything here is for trade as well.

    Loose Figures

    1990 Metal Head
    1990 Subzero - paint wear(x2)
    1991 Dojo - has 1 sword, sickle, and foot stand
    1991 Flint (v3) Eco Warriors - missing water rifle with hose Pending -
    1991 Lifeline- Rice Krispies mail-in bad paint
    1991 Major Bludd (v2) - Jetpack (w/ working sounds), yellow rifle
    1991 Nunchuck (v1) - Fig only
    1991 Ozone (v1) Eco Warriors - Helmet and BP
    1991 Skymate - Fig. only, visor on hat is chipped
    1992 Roadblock
    1992 T'Jbang - Fig. only
    1992 Wet Suit
    1993 Bazooka (v3) - Large rifle and submachine gun
    1993 Colonel Courage - Only missing battle stand, some weapons still on plastic tree.
    1993 Chun Li - 2 different swords, claw, foot stand
    1993 Dr. Mindbender v.2 bad paint- possibly foriegn paint.
    1993 HEAT Viper (v2) - green rifle, submachine gun
    1993 Law v.3
    1993 Scarlett v.2 -w/ 2 different swords, claw, and foot stand
    1993 Ozone
    1993 Wet Suit (v4) - missing missiles
    1994 Soldier v.1
    2000 Dusty v.4
    2000 Leatherneck v.4
    2002 Wetsuit v.7
    2003 Nunchuck V.4
    2003 Rampage v.2 - looks cool, firefly look-alike
    2004 Barrel Roll v.2

    1990 - Subzero
    ROC - Destro - Weapons Supplier
    ROC - Cobra Commander
    ROC - Baroness - Attack on the GI Joe PIT
    ROC - Snake Eyes - Ninja Commando
    ROC - Snake Eyes - Paris Pursuit - Grey Wolf
    ROC - Storm Shadow - Ninja Mercenary
    ROC - Storm Shadow - Paris Pursuit
    ROC - Rex "The Doctor" Lewis - Chief Experimental Doctor - Black coat
    POC - TRU Quick Kick

    Vehicles, Playsets, and parts

    1985 Bridgelayer - Shell, cannon, right track,
    1985 Silver Mirage - sidecar seat, wheel (no tire), sidecar headlight lens
    1985 Transport Tactical Battle Platform Parts- incomplete- helipad leg, 2 hatch covers, helipad, rocket platform, gun platform, gun (broken tab for radar mount), platform base (1 broken peg for rocket platform, discoloration), Computer console (broken tabs on bottom).
    1985 U.S.S. Flagg Parts- Bulkhead walls B and C, (CHEAP!)
    1985 Weapon Transport - missing gun, steering wheel, bomb, cart, and antenna
    1986 Night Raven Recon Jet - Windshield
    1987 Jet Pack- Complete? w/ BP
    1987 Persuader - missing missiles and small gun
    1987 Road Toad- Complete w/ BP
    1991 Battle Wagon - Missing 5 missiles, 1 side gun post broken (gun and post still included for those that dont mind a small repair job), never tested battery operated portion to see if it works. If someone is interested enough, I'll test it for you before-hand.
    1994 Blockbuster - Missing 5 missiles and hatch covers
    1994 Scorpion - Missing 1 missile and gas can

    Micro figures, Command Rings, and Misc.

    Command Rings-
    Arctic Force
    Artillery - Worn Lettering

    Micro Figures- Would prefer to trade these for micro figures that I need, but feel free to offer.
    Flint (x2)
    Quick Kick
    Gung Ho
    Sgt. Slaughter

    I have a bunch of camo/face paint too.

    Edit: Pictures can be found here. If you dont see it in the albums, send me a pm
    Joe Stuff pictures by ARAHfan32 - Photobucket

    Dont forget to check out the other (non-Joe) albums as well!

    Non Joe Stuff pictures by ARAHfan32 - Photobucket

    If anyone wants pictures of something specific, please ask and I'll try to upload them as soon as I can.
    I'll upload them to the photobucket album for the benefit of other buyers, rather than send individual e-mails of pics to each person interested.

    Ask for my paypal address if there's something you want to buy. I accept trades, so make an offer.
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    PM sent about the prints
    Crashing through the sky, comes the fearful cry, COBRAAAA, COBRAAAA. Armies of the night, evil taking flight, COBRAAAA, COBRAAAA. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, panic spreading far and wide!!!!

    Want List:

    Sale/Trade List:

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    sending a pm
    "You can do it, Grunt. You've got to do it, man." - Zap (Marvel #4)

    My wants

    ***/ (5#)####

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    I updated/deleted some of the sold items and added a few new figures. Check back often because I have another lot being delivered soon!!
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    pm sent your way thanks

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