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    Oktober Guard...

    The difference between the Guard and the Red Shadows and Action Force is that the OG interacted in the U.S. Joe-verse. They fought my Joes, so when those figures came out, I was good to go with those. The Euro Joes seem to have been set up as sort of an alternate Universe though.

    Some day, I'll be sitting around with my son and we'll be discussing the Joes that I have in my collection and he'll look at what I do have or overseas stuff and ask how they fit into the story and I don't want to tell him - "I don't know...I didn't have those as a kid, those are from overseas and weren't available here. I never really connected them, and I don't know why their in my collection." Why have something in my collection I can't connect with. I would have little to no interest in. Does that make me lazy because I don't want to research this side of the Joe-verse...maybe. Or maybe my nostalgia for collecting ends at my borders. Either way...I'm sure this opinion separates me from the hard-core collectors, but I don't collect for them, I collect for me...

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    I am extremely pleased with this set. While I didn't get into Action Force when it first existed, I do have a few of the original figures (Quarrel, Blades, Steeler, couple of others), but I never much bothered with the "pre-Joe-style" figures because of the limited articulation.

    Now, the Club has given us Red Shadows with proper design and articulation, along with the Black Major, and the new Red Shadows. I like the Flint figure since he has a very modern camouflage design. Great-looking figure.

    The fact that this was an O-Ring traditional-style set was a major plus for me. I have a few figures in the other formats, but the original style will always be #1.

    I believe the comic book did a very capable job of integrating the Red Shadows into the G.I. Joe universe as best as possible, which in my opinion was considerable.

    Alas, I was not able to acquire the Red Shadows Staff Car, and I really want one. I don't care what toy line it started out from, I think it's cool.

    Commendations across the board from me to the Club for this year's Convention items!

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    For me, this years' con exclusives were thrilling in their conception and utterly disappointing in their execution.

    I was excited to see o-ring figures come back. But I was really let down to see that they had used "new era" comic pack molds instead of ARAH-era molds for many of the figures. Because of this construction, Jammer, Natalie, and Dolphin all look horrible to me and hold no interest for me. Gaucho isn't bad, and neither is Doc, but they should have called him something else to fit the mythos.

    The non-figure offerings from this years' convention were probably the most disappointing aspect of the whole thing. Normally, I get more excited for the vehicles than I do for the figures, but this year they didn't even bother to use Joe items for the set. If I wanted to collect Star Wars or Indiana Jones toys, I would have bought those lines - I certainly don't want them in my collection. Why couldn't they have done a surveillance port in red for the "Red Shadows bunker" instead of borrowing from another line?

    To me, the only truly nice item from the whole con this year was the Z Force Mirage cycle. It's what I want to see from the con - a nod to Joe history done in an interesting fashion to fit the con theme.
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    Just like all the other Convention sets I will get this set as well in the future. I still need last years set as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jamarmiller
    the only way I really think the club could MATCH the Action Force, red shadows and Argen 7 stuff ( not beat but match ) for me is if they did

    IRON KLAW and S.K.A.R. that, is the only thing that could get me as excited as I was last year and this year.
    Jamar I agree 100%, I would love to see some SKAR troops and IRON Stormtroopers from Sgt. Savage get released some how. I'd prefer G3 sculpt though
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