Earthquake i the midwest??

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    Earthquake i the midwest??

    Hello all,

    Craziest thing happened this morning. We woke up to an earthquake here in the midwest. The epicenter was about 8 miles from my home. I know it's probably no biggie to folks out on the west coast...but dang it if it's not something to talk about out here in corn country!

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    I saw that on
    I didn't know Illinois was capable of earthquakes!?!!
    We expect those over here in California tho
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    Yes, it's pretty wild, there are actually minor faults all over the midwest. We had a few tremors in Ohio when I was growing up and there was a very noticeable one in St. Louis a few years back.

    One of the biggest faults in the middle of the country is the New Madrid fault which greatly affects Missouri, Arkansas, and western Tennessee. There was a huge earthquake a long time ago that really rocked Memphis and southeastern MO and the Mississippi River actually flowed backward momentarily. What is a little unsettling is that many seismologists say that fault is overdue for a major earthquake and it could devastate Memphis and really cause major damage in St. Louis, namely all of the bridges over the river. Imagine what that would do the nation's economy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tripwire
    Imagine what that would do the nation's economy.

    Not to mention several Pink Cadillacs!!

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    Yeah they downgraded it from 4.3 to 3.8. Well it was the strongest quake I've ever felt. I remember the 2 previous ones. 2008 was the one in down state Illinois. It was a swaying motion. I wasn't really concerned when I felt that. Before that there was another in Northern Illinois that felt like a large truck passed by. Dishes rattled in cupboards etc. Nothing but confusion on my part thinking who the heck is driving by at this time of night.
    Now this one really caught me off guard. It sounded like an explosion, everything rattled including the house. I thought something crashed in my immediate area. Also this time a lot more people in the area felt it unlike the previous 2.
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