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    Satandy's Want list

    For secret Santa: Finding specific stuff is always hard, but any army builders are always ok. Most of this stuff is my wish list for trades and purchases and probably isn't in stores. I also collect transformers and superhero stuff. KREO transformers (especially the newer sets) and cool LEGOs. I don't like asking for specific stuff but this should give you an idea of what I'm into.

    *Wants List*

    Any Shipwreck Figure, any series

    80's figures: (loose, incomplete, a little beat up ok)

    All 1982 figures except Duke, Scarlett and Cobra Commander
    Listen N Fun Tripwire
    Stalker V1
    Any of the small battle stations
    GI Joe headquarters
    Tactical Battle Platform

    25th Anniversary figures:

    Cobra 5 pack Baroness, Viper, Cobra Commander, Storm Shadow
    any Hall of Heroes figures except Crimson Guard (low priority)
    SDCC Zarana and Sgt. Slaughter (wishful thinking)
    Slaughter's Marauders 7 pack, especially Red Dog Taurus and Mercer

    Rise of Cobra movie figures:

    Unmasked arctic Storm Shadow
    WM battle stations, except surveillance port
    City Strike Duke

    POC Figures:

    Destro (from same wave as shadow tracker)
    Desert Battle Zartan (lower priority than the rest)
    Cobra Fury Tank
    Zombie Viper (lots)
    Jungle Bat

    Red Ninja
    Joe Trooper
    Snake Eyes

    1980's superpowers figures:
    Joker, Penguin, Green Lantern, Desaad

    Transformers classics Jetfire, Mirage and Tracks

    Other stuff:
    WWE Legends Macho Man Randy Savage figure
    DCU Classics figures
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    Which Lifeline did you need? I have a spare Kellogg's one. Failing that, I have a nice TF Duke with backpack and binocs.

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    I might have some items you are looking for. Check out my sales list.
    If it is just us out here, it's an awful waste of space.

    My B/S/T
    Want List
    My Ebay Auctions

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    bumping, got some extra cash. Anyone got these figures?

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    PM Me if interested. Here is my pricelist:

    Shipwreck: $6 for a C8; $10 for a C8.5-C9
    torpedo: $4
    hiss driver: C8 $6
    Blizzard: $3 Incomplete: $9 Complete
    char broil: $4
    heat viper: $5
    Any Tiger Force or python patrol: $10 your choice

    [email protected]

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    added new figures to wants list. Check my trade list or my non-joe trade list.

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    bumping because I now have some money and added a few new things.

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    I should have these:

    hiss driver
    snake eyes V3

    1980's superpowers figures:
    Wonder Woman, Joker, Penguin (these I will have to check on)
    Selling, buying, and trading GI Joes since 1990. Well buying since 1984 . . .

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