Satandy's Trade list

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    Satandy's Trade list

    This is my haves list for trades, I'm putting this up here mostly for trades from my want list. Thanks for looking.

    Pursuit of Cobra:
    TRU exclusive Spirit
    TRU exclusive Quick Kick
    Shock Trooper

    Rise of Cobra (MOC):

    Neo Viper
    Paris Pursuit Baroness
    Night Adder

    25th (MOC):

    Wraith (regular)
    Bazooka Trooper
    Para Viper
    tunnel rat/storm shadow 2 pack
    Battle armor cobra commander
    Tiger Force Duke

    Vintage (loose, no accessories):

    A big pile of miscellaneous parts, mostly missiles, tomahawk parts and stuff from the big purple three-bladed helicopter which the name escapes me.
    Spanish MOC Tiger Force Tripwire (Cable)

    Non-joe trades:
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    bumping, updated and added a link on the bottom to Transformers, He-Man stuff for trade

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    The purple helicopter's called a Mamba.


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