San Diego Comicon Exclusive - Sgt. Slaughter!

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    San Diego Comicon Exclusive - Sgt. Slaughter!

    San Diego Comicon 2010 Exclusive Sgt. Slaughter preview...

    San Diego ComiCon 2010 will feature two exclusive versions of our favorite Drill Instructor, Sgt. Slaughter.

    The first version is similar to the original 1985 Mail Order edition, with black pants, red/white/blue stripes and exclusive microphone, removable whistle, "motivational" baton and G.I.Joe edition wrestling championship belt accessories.

    The second version, rumored to be in lower quantities, will feature camouflage trousers, rifle, "motivational" baton, removable whistle accessories.

    Rumor is that after SDCC, we will see the good Sarge available via Hasbro Toy Shop after the show.

    More news as this story develops.

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    I hope the price is reasonable, because I'd like to have both versions of the Sarge. I think his torso seems a bit elongated, but overall a very nice set of figures.

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    Well, I kind of like the wrestling figure better. I guess the vintage styled one is more true to the original toy, but I'd rather have the better likeness of the Build/Brawlers version.

    I'll still probably get one (or both if available), and this is great for those who never found the B/B version, but I'm not sure if I'll display him or not.

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    I hope they make it to hasbrotoyshop cuz I have to have them both! :P


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