my joe collection

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    my joe collection

    ok i am new here but i will try to sell my joe stuff here befor ebay everything is loose and complete just getting out of gi joe going to buy motu stuff 2002 and motuc i do not have feedback here but i do have some on ebay it is bigbucky001 here is my collection i would like not to break this up just to sell as a collection here it is
    1. 25th vamp with clutch
    2. 25th skyhawk with lift ticket
    3. 25th sharc with deep six
    4. 25th firebat with avac
    5. trouble bubble woth televiper
    6. 25th fang with red viper
    7. 25th hiss with driver
    8. 25th dr mindbender
    9. 25th battle armor cobra commander
    10. 25th claw with pilot
    11. 25th python conquest with viper
    12. 25th tigerrat with wild bill
    13. 25th awe striker with leatherneck
    14. 25th polarbear with snow job
    15. 25th torch
    16. 25th ripper
    17. 25th buzzer
    18. 25th roadblock 5pack
    19. 25th breaker comic pack
    20. 25th gung ho 5pack
    21. 25th stalker
    22. 25th lady jay dvd pack
    23. 25th duke 5pack
    24. 25th gen hawk
    25. 25th beachhead comic pack
    26. 25th rock n roll
    27. 25th snow job
    28. 25th torpedo
    29. 25th
    30. main frame
    31. 25th blow torch
    32. 25th zap
    33. 25th lt falcon
    34. 25th spirit
    35. 25th bar b cue
    36. 25th tripwire
    37. 25th bazooka
    38. 25th recondo
    39. 25th slipstream
    40. 25th wet suite
    41. 25th mutt
    42. 25th flash
    43. 25th par viper
    44. 25th croc master
    45. 25th zartan
    46. 25th cobra commander
    47. 25th major bludd
    48. 25th copperhead comic pack
    49. 25th wild weasel comic pack
    50. 25th destro 5pack
    51. 25th destro comic pack-breaker
    52. 25th storm shadow 5 pack
    53. 25th serpentor
    54. 25th baroness 5pack
    55. 25th ram cycle with breaker
    56. 25th tomax xamot
    57. 25th firefly
    58. 25th monkey wrench
    59. 25th ripcord
    60. 25th ace comic pack
    61. 25th shipwreck tattoo
    62. 25th flint tiger force
    63. 25th scarlett 5pack
    64. 25th snake eyes 5pack
    65. 25th scrap iron comic pack
    66. roc mms with scrao iron
    67. roc cobra mole pod
    68. roc rocskslide
    i think 165 for all of this is fair sorry no trades pm me god bless

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    i can drop it to 145 if someone is interested let me know

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    going to go to 120 shipped for all of it pm me

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    Hope these sell for you. It sure is hard selling 25th toys. Really wish I didn't buy so much.

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    germany but have a U.S. APO ADDRESS in NY
    PM sent from a new bee here

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    pm sent back

    pm sent back as far as being mattdaddy i really do not know who he is besides my name is shelia i am a mother of 2 i read the feedback on him that is not me please just leave me be sorry if you had a bad deal with this mattdaddy i a new here if the interested party let me know thank you

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    germany but have a U.S. APO ADDRESS in NY
    i asked for pix on the 6th any luck on get them


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