Palisades Statues

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    Palisades Statues

    Hey guys, I was thinking about trying to get a complete set of these. Was wondering what everyone thought of them? Do you know how many there are and if they are good quality? I've never seen one up close and it's kinda hard to see on eBay. The sellers tell me they are the best thing since sliced bread so I was looking for an honest opinion. I was either going to army build some of these or do the Sideshow stuff. Sideshow is a bit more expensive it looks, but from what I see the statues look nice too. Really like the idea of 20 or 30 Crimson Pythons. Whatcha think?

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    I had some a while back and the quality is very good. I would buy some again if I came across a good deal. I wish they made a whole body statuette.

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    Sorry, I posted this in the wrong section.

    Ok, so they are all just half statues? The Python Guard was a full body. That would be a deal breaker for me. I don't want half a figure, lol.

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    Hey bud- I have three- I think!!

    I had to get Firefly- he is a bust- it is a gorgeous piece and I treasure it. It is a "jumbo" bust (as I call it) in that it has him holding his minigun. I paid $45 I think for it. Otherwise, I have seen Stormy, Baroness, Destro, Roadblock and Scarlett- there are others- they are pretty basic scuplts. I am not really into basic sculpts but sam Firefly and had to have him.

    I have the full body Hawk- got it for $20 or so from Brian's toys. It is awesome. The Zartan is cool and the CG is cool as well.

    I have a third- I think- it is snakes rapelling off the front of a Cobra sigil- it's supposed to be a homage to Marvel issue 21.

    I think my local comic shop has one or two- Destro and Stormy I want to think. I'd try Brian's toys too.
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    I didn't realize they made some in full body. I had the upper torso ones. I'm going to pick a few of these up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by joeAuctions!
    I didn't realize they made some in full body. I had the upper torso ones. I'm going to pick a few of these up.
    They are excellent collectibles. They were originally priced in the $100 range but for whatever reason, company's started blowing them out. I got hawk for $19.99 plus sh.
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    Just did a search in ebay- there is a Roadblock for $4.99. Other prices as well- from the bargain to the outrageous. Good luck with it!!
    I'm into Heavy Metal, mayhem and explosions.....

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    Dude, I love the statues. I have every single GI Joe mini bust, mini statue, and even the life-size Snake Eyes bust, produced by Palisades and I love them. Not to mention the two Diamond Icons busts and the GI Joe and Transformers Statue of Stormshadow vs Prime. Plus I have done quite a few custom painted busts. Just check my signature to see them.

    I've been collecting them since Palisades was producing them way back in the early to mid 2000s. Also, Since I have been collecting them for such a long time, I have been able to upgrade a lot of them to either unnumbered or Artist proofs. Like I said, I love these things. They look great in my glass display shelf. I wish some company was making new statues and busts. Granted we have sideshow making statues now, but those are awfully expensive.

    needless to say, I highly recommend them. They are very cool, but if you get into them, be prepared to pay a lot for a few of them. The Ninja Viper bust is very hard to come by. Plus the Crimson Baroness is a toughie as well. Just be patient and you can usually get a lot of these at a decent price on eBay.

    Wow, I wrote more than I expected too. Oh well, I hope I helped ya in some small way.

    Oh, and here is the page on yojoe for a list with pics for all the statues.
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    Wait... Sudelaya does not have a room full of these?
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    Thanks for the links, resources and information. I may just get a couple of the full body ones. Not too big on the half busts.

    LMAO cardensb, I'm working on it! I'm collecting Rainbow Brite stuff right now though.


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