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    Joe pop art

    I really like those pop art paintings of storm troopers you see on ebay from overseas and thought to myself hey why nto try to make some joe ones!
    more can be seen here:

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    Very nice eye for color! My favorite is this Blowtorch; other than that I like EEL and the Dreadnoks the best.

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    Nice. Bazooka, Eel, Vipers and Blowtorch are the best to me.

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    thanks, I like the sci fi one the best.

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    got bored made more today even one in black and white of buzzer
    (this isnt that one)

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    Nice one of the Conquest! You know what might look cool? The scene in the Season 2 intro of the BAT getting shot by Bazooka.
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    Wow!!! These are great I tried to pic one out I liked best but there is to many of them I liked!!!
    Check out my YouTube channel = zartan

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    more weekend undertakings


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