2nd hand store score in Nash-vegas


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    2nd hand store score in Nash-vegas

    The Great Escape, I think I did pretty good.

    The outlet (dunno address--somewhere near a goodwill, pepboys in the same shopping center)

    AVAC $4.99 ---loose shoulders, but could still hold a gun, scratch on symbol, missing parachute, which I already scored at a flea market.
    Viper V1 $3.99--knees are a little loose, missing backpack, one thumb is half broken, but body parts are easy to score, anyway.
    Stalker V1.5 $7.99--My V1 stalker's arm broke at the shoulder when I was a kid, and I have been looking for a new arm or figure ever since. This one is nice.

    Madison, on gallatin rd I think:
    Viper Team Set $7.99, missing all figure accessories and I thought it was missing the hoses, but I guess the original flight pods didn't have them. I don't have any, only the 25th stuff. The figure is really nice.

    Viper team Flight Pod $5.99, no figure/acc, missing 1 sticker as near as I can tell.

    Normally, I would buy everything that was reasonably priced. they had a complete V1.5 SE, for example, for $25. My V1 has a broken thumb, and I believe I have that arm in a parts lot somewhere. So anyway, I just bought stuff that I KNEW I needed and the 86 Viper. I couldn't pass that guy up. I have one that needs a head, and the head costs more than what I paid for this one. LOL

    They had a load of 25th HISS tanks in madison for $8 each. they had an 83 HISS at the outlet for $10, missing the gun cover. They thought they had a SMS HISS, but it was in too nice a shape. I think it was a crimson sabotage HISS. Anyway, they wanted $20 for that.

    So anyway, if you are in nashville, go check them out. I didn't go to the one by vandy. I bought a bunch of stuff in there last time I went, though.

    Bowling green had a skystriker I didn't inventory the missles, but it did have both tails and an unbroken canopy. No parachutes, but it did have both seats. It was rough, and the canopy looked like crap, otherwise I might have been tempted. Since I quit selling on ebay, though, I just don't need the excess junk. It had ace, no helmet, so I would say that it was mostly complete, and they were asking $25. I believe I paid that for my funskool version years ago.

    They had a little bit of everything between the two stores I went to, but I believe I got the only 15th anni stuff in the flight pods and the viper.

    Also, if you live in the area and are considering selling to these people, I want a shot at your stuff first. My budget is limited ATM, but i am always selling on ebay and have extra money when I am not off work because of medical reasons. if they are gonna sell me your viper for $4, I might as well give it to you and cut them out. Not only that, I have a pretty extensive wantlist of stuff they aren't gonna give you squat for anyway like neon joe figures and early to mid 00's cobras.

    They told me somebody in Memphis was shopping their collection but they wanted a little more than the GE folks would pay. Hook a brother up!!!!!!!!!

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    Nice score! I would've jumped at those Viper Team/Flight Pods, too. You're right, the vintage version didn't have hoses on the main gun. And two ways to tell a Crimson Sabotage HISS from the SMS version: the CS one has red painted inside the treads while the SMS one is completely black like the original. Also, the Crimson Sabotage one is a marbled red/black plastic and looks "grimy". The SMS seems to be pure red.

    Those prices are surprising, too. A lot of collectibles shops really mark Joe stuff up. I think they're used to dealing with vintage Star Wars prices.
    ***cyko's want list and items for sale vintage & new***

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    The way I tell them apart is that the newer releases of the HISS have a quarter slot in the top of the canopy. That's the easiest way to tell in a glass case. They also had a thunderclap for $100. I didn't know it was worth that much. I love hunting for old joes. the only problem is every time I have a little bit of good luck, I pay for it in spades. Found Starduster for $2, had a heart attack @ 35 less than a month later. So now I am wondering what is next? CABG on 4-19, next monday. I have been trying to impress upon my wife the amount of money in my joe collection. I wish I had all the stuff here and sorted so I could build ebay auctions for it in turbo lister, then burn them on an "in case of death" cd.


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