repairing the front landing on tiger rat question

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    repairing the front landing on tiger rat question

    I was wondering if I was to use super glue or modeling glue is it a temporary repair or not?
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    From the ones I've dealt with in my collection, (mainly with cobra rattlers though), it can be a permanent fix, depending on what you want to do with it. If you're just going to display it, may or may not be visible at all to someone who would just walk in a room and see it on a shelf or hung from the ceiling...really, the only person who'd know would be you that it had been glued.
    If you want to be able to work the landing gear, as for the purpose of playing with your toys then your best bet would be to try to find a replacement by posting on various boards or at extreme measure, searching and patiently waiting for one to pop up on ebay.
    If you are fixing it up to sell or something like that, unless you are willing to try to get a replacement and fix it, it would be best to just advertise that it was broken and included for the new owner to attatch themselves...that way, you're open about it up front and no DECENT buyer would leave negative feedback or post negative seller comments on boards for you.
    Hope this helps man.

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    If you have a pin vise (small drill) you can put a rod in the middle which would help strengthen the leg a lot. It would be more permanent, but would still be broken.

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    I would recomend using polystyrene cement rather than super glue... the polystyrene actually welds the plastic together rather than just sticking to the pieces.

    Also pinning (Using the pin-vise and inserting a rod) is quite helpful too. When done right the two can make a very permanent repair that sometimes ends up stronger than the original

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    Even if you have an unbroken front landing gear to replace the broken one with, it can be a VERY tricky process. I don't have a good step by step method to explain, but out of the 5 times I've tried to do it I've only been able to successfully do it once without breaking some other small tab or making a bad stress mark on the shell.

    Like others said, its very possible to repair it to make it look good and still be reasonably functional. But if you are going for the replacement route set aside a few hours where you can take your time taking apart the shell without feeling really is tricky.


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