So as I was going through the stands for my other thread, I remembered I had an issue with some of my black 1993-1994 missiles.

On Yojoe, it says that Blackstar, Alley Viper v2, and Night Creeper Leader v2 all use the same missiles. My carded Blackstar came with missiles that have a slanted part in the notches that click it into the launcher. The non-slanted ones from other figures don't fit very well, but Yojoe doesn't even acknowledge the slanted notches.

Also, while Night Creeper Leader v1 has the same missiles as Alley Viper v2 (but in orange), NCL v2 has completely different missiles according to Mark Bellomo's GIJoe guide. They are black, but the tips are longer and they have a little raised ring around the base of the tip. Near the notch, there are three raised rings molded into the missile. This appears very similar to the Crimson Guard Commander missile, but the CGC missile has no raised ring on the tip and has four raised rings near the notch. The Alley Viper v2 and CGC weapons trees are not unique to them, but NCL v2 seems to have a new missile mold made just for him. I can't see any other reason they would be pictured in the Bellomo book.

Can anyone chime in on this? And can anyone fix it on the site?

And does anyone have the correct missiles for Night Creeper Leader v2 for trade?