Showing off your Joe collection

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    Showing off your Joe collection

    This is not intended to be spam and I may have posted it in the wrong place. If so I would much appreciate it if a moderator could move it.

    I wanted to let everyone know about a website I am helping out with that lets you show off whatever you collect, SuperstarCollector. You can add detailed item pages for each item in your collection and assign them to any type of collection you want to create.

    I collect 1985 and 1986 Joes in MISB/MOC AFA graded condition. Eventually I would like to obtain one of every figure from those two years. I mainly have vehicles so far but have also been able to pick up a few of my favorite figures MOC over the years. I have a pretty good start though I have had to slow down recently

    You can see my collection HERE

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    Cool site idea. Your collection is awesome... especially the Flagg and OG shipping box. *jealous*


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