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    Those straps are what the pouches and holsters are attached too. The back of the pouches have to vertical straps you weave through the horizontal ones on the vests or armor plate carriers. Most holsters are held to them by metal clips though.
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    That's kind of what I figured, I know all that weight you can pile on adds up quickly. Also, I don't think there were many 3 3/4" Joes that wore any kind of body armor, from flak jackets to modern. If anyone has any links about the conceptualization of the early 80s figs, that would be a really nice contribution.

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    wow there is a lotof interestringideas about stuff. To me the stuff the the joe's have on is what makes the figure stand out
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    Yeah, I think anytime you see guys in photos wearing ammunition the way Rock N Roll did it's always for posed photos. My dad was in Vietnam and he has an awesome photo of himself shirtless, wearing a strap of ammo and holding a giant machine gun. He said him and all the guys posed for photos like that just cause it looked awesome.


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