Whats the best glue to re-apply old stickers


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    Whats the best glue to re-apply old stickers

    What type of glue or adhisive do I use to re apply my old stickers after they have been cleaned and the area has been cleaned with goo gone.I have tried liquid cement,however on any clear parts of the sticker you can see the glue smeared under the sticker and looks kinda sloppy.im looking for that clean,clear,stick on finish.Thanks for any help.

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    Are you opposed to using reproduction stickers? You may want to check CobraStickers.com and see if they have replacement decals for your vehicle, their stuff is great. There's also a guy who prints high quality reproductions, however you have to cut them off the sheet yourself. You can reach him at [email protected].

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    Stll need the Glue or adhesive

    Im not opposed to replacement stickers,its just my original stickers look great after I clean them and are as good as new(as close as you can get).I just know something exists to reapply with no dried visible glue under the sticker.Thanks for trying.Ya Ruben's stickers are great if you just need all new stickers.

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    I wouldn't bother keeping the old ones, I'd use new ones.

    Ruben's current list;

    However, if you really want to reuse the old ones, you could try double sided clear tape. I think any glue is going to dry uneven behind the decal and it will show through. Get strong double sided clear tape, place the decals on one side and press them on hard, then cut around the outline of the decal and apply the other sticky side to your toy.

    I don't do this myself but I imagine it would work for a while.
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    There are going to be situations where the original stickers are preferred to be kept. Night Force is the one that stands out to me. My recommendation is this.


    My wife uses this for scrapbooking. I borrowed it a few times and it works great.


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