Main Comic Section's index page is revamped for the new continuity changes.

Main Comic Book Section:

With the release of IDW's GI Joe A Real American Hero series, the GI Joe continuity world has become very interesting. And of course YoJoe is here to help make sure everyone can keep everything straight.

For the record there are now 3 active continuties being released every month. They are the IDW Continuity (GI Joe, Cobra, Origins & Hearts & Minds), A Real American Hero Continuity (the new Larry Hama #155 1/2 series, formally known as the "Hamaverse") and the Movie Continuity (Operation HISS).

Later this month, IDW will begin releasing the trade paperbacks of the Devil's Due published GI Joe stories. This is now considered an alternate universe continuity. All books created by Devil's Due Publishing/Image are now labeled as the "Disavowed" continuity.

Changes to the Main Page
The Main Comic Page is now labeled and color coded by continuity. The page is still organized chronogically by year of release. So the Marvel books still come first but the IDW A Real American Hero series can be viewed in the IDW section towards the bottom of the page. So as you scroll through the years and years of GI Joe comics pay attention to colors cause they are all mixed up. Plus the Quick Links section at the very top of the page can be used to navigate to the different continuties or publishers.

Now of course, whatever the personnal preference of the individual reader is towards a specific continuity is up to them. But the official Hasbro stance is that all books created by DDP are now in the disavowed catagory. As a consequence of this decision any additional Independent books that were connected to the DDP stories, like the Collector's Club comics and the Red Dawn series are also now "Disavowed".

And remember that the crossover Transformers series (both DDP & Dreamwave), the GI Joe Reloaded and Sigma 6 + The Extreme series where their own separate individual continuties not connected in anyway to the main four that are the focus of the above. But they do all have their own color coding.

If you see any mistakes, missing links or find the organization of the section to confusing. Please post your comments below.

I hope it helps cause it is now a very confusing GI Joe Comic world if your not paying attention.




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