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    Thankfully the house we bought was old and had tons of build in shelving, including in a tiny room that could only be for my collection

    One thing I did do which was fun was I bought store display "Pegs" at Lowes and installed them in my closet. Of course by installed I mean I took a power drill to the wood paneling and made holes to stick them in I was lazy but I could have just attached pegboard.

    I've got a nice collection of MOC 25th, ROC and my MOC Dee Jay figure hanging out looking like a well-stocked walmart.

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    I could need a shelves likes these.

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    I'll have to take a few new pics of my displays now! I filled my pegs and have to store things away in boxes now, lol.

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    ohio- right next to the air force museum- which totally rules.
    i'm in the process of re-organizing/re-building my shelving. i found some nice figure style shelving at biglots pretty cheap. it's easily walmountable. i was going to get several of them. i can't find it on their website, so i'll swing by there later. they were pretty inexpensive, but had no glass cover. i suppose- if one was so inclined- you could have a sheet of plexiglass cut at lowes and put that on the front.
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    I keep trying to think of a way to display my loose joes also ... I've made shelves before ... this is what I made for my star wars figures ... so kind of thinking of making one just like it but different colors for my Joes ... but then I also think about those Ikea units ... sure is hard to figure out what to do with these guys after you get so many of them LOL... glad I only collect from the first 4 years or I'd really be scratching my head on how to display them

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    Quote Originally Posted by silverc View Post
    You should just build something. You can make it exactly like you want it and avoid the cheap crap they sell at Ikea.

    I built this display case for my figures:

    And also a lot of display shelves like this:

    Good god, man. That is the best looking Joe room I've ever seen. My hat is off to you.

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    I bought some jewelry display showcases from a closing Kmart. They are pretty cool. Around 4 feet long and have sliding doors in the back that lock. They also have lighting inside them. I have not set anything up in them yet...just brought them home last week.

    The master race is made of plastic and only 3 3/4 inches tall


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    I have a cabinet I'm refurbishing to display my joe figures (loose) . it has glass doors on top & bottom I intend to put a mirror behind the shelves & use glass shelves with that & some lighting to set it up . but buying custom made glass shelves adds up & my supplier cant guarantee they wont break the mirror when I have it cut ( to fit the cabinet back). I have over a thousand figures so I was thinking of using ply wood in sections to
    "layer" it on the shelf so every 3 or 4 rows of figures would be taller as I set them up . That way you could at least see every figures head & shoulders. I thought this was a great idea until I realized it made having glass shelves a large waste of money at $35 each shelf !! so its still very much a work in progress

    my next best idea is to just use book shelves that you assemble your self from wal mart, staples or big lots & fabricate plexi glass doors to keep them dust free, however sheets of plexiglass are some what expensive - I think close to $80 ! ? just my 2 cents

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    Amazing set up and collection!!


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