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    Talking USS Flaggs

    Hey, I had some extra time so the little ones and I set up our second Flagg,hopefully the pics show ok ,enjoy!

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    That is one awesome collection! Thanks for sharing!

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    Very cool, you have an awesome collection!!
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    Hey - Thats a very impressive collection of different collections I wanted to know if you had so many duplicates to get a complete vehicle or are most of your duplicates complete anyway ? either way its a very impressive collection of joes, SW just isn't my thing anymore

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    Really cool. The photos clearly show how massive those ships are!! I'd love to see one in person some day!!

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    Man, I love your set up. I love seeing multiable Flaggs together. You have the same shelves I have. They look awesome!

    I recently cleaned a Flagg that had wasp nests in it!!! Talk about a long and drawn out process. We kept running out of the room, lol. I'd like to one day get several side by side like yours too.

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    Congrats, Duck. We were just talking about whether anyone had sailed two FLAGGs alongside before, you may be the first. It's an impressive sight.

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    ohio- right next to the air force museum- which totally rules.
    holy crap! you have a lot of stuff. that is an impressive collection for sure. do you let your kids have the duplicates to play with, or is it anything goes? when mine was little he could only use the doubles, but now he can handle everything except a few off limits items that are too fragile. looks like you have all of the really good joe stuff, you just gotta finish up that defiant. but really, that is an impressive collection, thanks for sharing.
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    Wow! Thanks for all the comments guys. Let's see, to answer your q's:

    nightviper-My wife says I suffer from ocd,lol. I try to finish off vehicles I get,I think it's great fun to hunt down pieces for all the shells. It gives the kids and I time together doing something we all like.

    sudeyla- That is a huge comment coming from you,thanks!The kids and I are planning a trip to your store hopefully this summer. We all love your pics.

    Hotdog- Anything goes ! We play with just about everything. Under the second flagg are 3 tubs of toys and then some. Since I got joe comics vol8 in the mail ,the kids and I are wanting to "re enact" the cobra civil war. so far we have 7-8 hisstank and 6 maggots cleaned up and ready to go. as soon as I'm able to take vacation it's a go! With plenty of pics to follow!

    Again thanks for all the great comments, they mean alot! We have been working on setting up the rest of the figs( arah, 25th,and roc) but so far it has been just VvV figs.I will have to take pics of the kids display they have in thier room too, As always ,it's a work in progress

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    VERY impressive display!!!! That must be one monster sized room to fit two of those giant behemoths in there...LOL
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