Your Home Made Custom - Reproduction Stickers Decals

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    Your Home Made Custom - Reproduction Stickers Decals

    For those of you that print your own stickers and decals, what brand and type of sticker paper do you use?

    And do you have pics of your stickers applied to vehicles?

    I know about ruben, gijoeheaven, cobrastickers, etc but would like to print my own.


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    I doubt many will provide their "trade secrets", but essentially once you get good paper, you then need to get a good source, then a good printer.

    For all the trouble it would take less $$ to buy them ...unless you have a plethora of decalling to do or want customs ...but if you ask them they might do the custom for you.

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    Yes, I doubt anyone whose livelihood depends on this will give up their secrets.
    This question is more for the layfolks, that make their own repros and customs.
    I've read that some people use Avery 53203 or 04383 - not prohibitivley expensive.
    Looking for feedback or better yet pics using this, or any other product.
    I have access to a HP 4700dtn at the office.

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    If your going to use a laser printer, make sure the label making materials are for a laser printer.

    About 4 years ago I used clear vinyl contact paper with a inkjet printer and got decent results. They were not as crisp as Rubens were but for stuff on the cheap it was fine for a small project .
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    Hobby Lobby has printable decal paper, that you could check out.

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    ....apparently I can't customize for my wants anymore.

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