YoJoe! Review: G.I. Joe Resolute: G.I. Joe Battle Set!


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    YoJoe! Review: G.I. Joe Resolute: G.I. Joe Battle Set!

    Phillip reviews the new G.I. Joe Resolute set!

    Phillip gives his thoughts on the new 7 Pack! Check it out HERE!

    Be sure to enter our G.I. Joe Resolute Box Set Giveaway for a chance to win this great set!

    Archive entries:
    Beachhead (v14)
    Duke (v41)
    Flint (v18)
    Roadblock (v20)
    Scarlett (v13)
    Sgt. Stalker (v12)
    Snake Eyes (v51)

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    These look great - really impressed with the overall look of the set. Can't wait to see the COBRA set reviewed!

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    This set is one of the finest sets of GI Joe figures that I have ever owned. Everyone with the exception of Duke sits perfectly. They can hold their weapons realistically. They look great. I might buy another set of them sometime in the future for making outdoor dioramas with. I might just take the set I have outside. I don't have to worry about things like accessories popping off of these guys and getting lost.

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    Haha, snappy review P.J.! I've got these sitting a box as a reward for when I finish those comic archive reviews, but this is a nice teaser!

    What happened with that Scarlett head, man? It's awful! I collect redhead heads and this...this is tragic.

    No, it's a sin. A Sin.

    A Sinful Dwarf!!

    You can Google it if you've never seen it,but don't blame me for the nightmares.
    I haven't been around much because Facebook is such a time suck. So join me!

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    OP - how do you determine which figures in the set get which weapons? For instance, how did you decide that Duke is the figure who is supposed to have a the knife? How did you decide which figures got the handguns?
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    Looking for Arctic Commando Snow Serpent, Starduster version A, and 82/83 trooper rifles.

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    Most rifles were placed next to the figures in package. Scarlett ovbviously got the crossbow, and she used a sniper rifle in the cartoon. Additionally, she was the only figure holding a pistol in the promo pic. Everyone with the pistol holster on the leg got a pistol, too. That just left one extra pistol. I just gave it to Roadblock. Duke got the knife since it's the same knife his initial Resolute figure had.

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    I dig these! Closely resemble the ddp versions.


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