new code-names for Battle Corps?

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    new code-names for Battle Corps?

    One of my major problems with the Battle Corps era was that they started redoing the same characters over and over, and I hardly ever saw a new code-name. And of the few new ones, some were... regrettable. (Colonel Courage? Ice Cream Soldier??)
    So I took to making up my own codenames. I can't have been the only one doing it! Many of these figures really came into their own with new identities. So here's my list. I'd love to see somebody else's. If you dig one of mine, feel free to borrow it.

    1992 Battle Corps
    Bazooka = Tacklebox
    Cross Country = Buckshot
    Iceberg = Yeti
    Beachhead = Nightstick
    Gung Ho = Stiletto
    Colonel Courage - Colonel Mewett (since it's his real last name... not much of a code name really, but it's still an improvement)
    Snowstorm (yellow) = Snowbank
    Outback (black helmet, tan pants) = Bark (because this figure is made of ¿¿¿)
    Outback (yellow-helmet, tye-dye pants) = Outhouse (because this figure is made of $#!+)

    Ace (Battle Copter) = Lucky Charm
    Psyche-Out (Sonic Fighters) = Psycho
    Zartan (Ninja Force) = Skunk

    Mutt = Slammer
    Shockwave = Deadbolt
    Cutter = Riptide

    1993 Battle Corps
    Law = Jackhammer
    Muskrat = Trigger Happy
    Duke = Sandstorm
    Frostbite = Glacier
    Cutter (Shark 9000) = Seaspray

    1994 Battle Corps
    Flint = Dust Devil
    Dial-Tone = Callbox
    Shipwreck = Angler
    Lifeline = Splint
    Stalker = Panther (in my universe, he and Pathfinder were best friends)
    Ice Cream Soldier = Hot Rocks
    Major Bludd = Anaconda (I already had Sonic Bludd, but no Big Boa, so he was Cobra's trainer)
    Ace (Ghoststriker) = Bandit

    Action Sailor = Frog
    Action Pilot = Afterburner
    Action Marine = Rhino
    Action Soldier = Frogmarch
    Action Astronaut = Thruster

    Rock Trooper Guile = Ricochet
    Night Fighter Guile = Shadow
    Pilot Guile = Downdraft (for dealing with the helmet vs Van Damme's hair, and all the other Van Damme faces for that matter, I recommend a different head-- mine used a spare Ozone and made for the grumpiest pilot)
    Scuba Guile - Shark (for the same reasons, different head-- mine used a spare Star Brigade Duke.)

    1993 Star Brigade
    Roadblock = Cannonball
    Payload = Booster
    Sci-Fi (Starfighter pilot) = Comet

    1994 Star Brigade (a bit of a mythology with the next three that I'd like to share):

    Sci-Fi (in yellow & grey) = Fireball. Since I couldn't very well stick him inconspicuously next to Comet, this was Comet's brother-- injured in a near-fatal crash and rebuilt top-secret Robocop-style, masked and given an artificial voicebox, a robotic left hand & rockets in his feet (he flies!)-- without Comet being told of his identity. At first I was just annoyed about there being two different Star Brigade versions of Sci-Fi within a year of each other, but this became one of my favorite storylines.

    Duke (in green) = HALT (Heavy-Armored Light Trooper) The name looks a bit paradoxical, but this was a new technology which provides a lot of protection without being too cumbersome. Sort of an accelerator suit concept, but without super-strength or super-speed or anything too hokey-- just a lot of hi-tech protection. I made this a generic trooper, like an interstellar greenshirt.

    Armor Tech Hawk = Crossfire. I skipped all the Armor Techs except the BAAT, then eventually went for the Armor Bot-- and he came with it. I couldn't buy into those being his real arms or legs. So, he's a second teammate who was near-death then given the RoboCop treatment. After the hubbub over Fireball (the truth couldn't stay hidden forever), nobody tried keeping Crossfire a secret-- but the tough thing for his teammates was that opposite to Fireball, just about all that was left of him was his face. A lot of his memory and personality had disappeared and his old trademark smirk was now a hollow one. (Dag, in the later years my Joe brass were getting into some questionable dealings!)

    And then the ones that stuck from the 1997-98 reissues:
    "Breaker" = Sgt. Fox
    "Rock & Roll" = Grizzly
    "Blizzard" = Wolf
    Ace (A-10 Pilot) = Lawnmower
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    Very well done and thought out- obviously you put some time into this. I always took the "rehashes" to be due to the fact that they just didn't have the time or the effort to think up background stories for all those new characters. Also, perhaps they saw that some guys were just more popular and wanted to give reissues with the new subsets.

    Ice Cream Soldier, from what I can recall, is army slang that goes back to WW2- I think, not 100% on this one. I know in the Sgt. Rock comics, there is an Ice Cream Soldier in the outfit- I believe they named that guy ICS as a homage to Rock.

    The DEF line I felt stood just fine with the reissues of Mutt and those guys- I think it is fine as is.
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    Hama's input on characters ceased after 1991, which explains the new characters' less than stellar code names (and file cards).

    Though, Hama pushed for years for less new characters, actually, because there were too many to work into the comics.

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    Interesting idea, especially if you have two different versions of the same figure in a team.
    Snowstorm (yellow) = Snowbank
    This one's already taken (he's a Canucklehead)

    Cutter (Shark 9000) = Seaspray
    I'm surprised Hasbro didn't use Transformer names more often, since that line was dead during the 90's.

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    I always thought ice cream soldier was an awesome name.
    No one would confuse him with anyone else. He was a pioneer in a way. A loner. A rebel....

    ok im playing into this too much but still it was a unique name

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    I'm not a fan of changing names, but to each his own.

    Quote Originally Posted by bluebikerboy1
    I always thought ice cream soldier was an awesome name.
    No one would confuse him with anyone else. He was a pioneer in a way. A loner. A rebel....

    ok im playing into this too much but still it was a unique name
    And a tribute to the Sgt. Rock comics.

    Ice Cream Soldier is one of my favorite boyhood toys. I proudly display him on my computer desk today. I really liked his big rocket launcher, too. You could jam most of his weapons into the hole in the bottom, so he always carried a full arsenal of weaponry with him. I had a lot of fun with that feature when playing with him.

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    Does anyone else use BC beachhead and Iceberg the way that south america did as Cobra's? (I didnt pick them up till 2002 ish, and I already have default ARAH sculpts of them.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by CobraLALALALA
    Leatherneck V3 needs another name!
    I'd go with either Safari or Savanna.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CobraLALALALA
    Leatherneck V3 needs another name!
    Giraffe Master


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