Help with mystery figure (at least it's a mystery to me...)

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    Help with mystery figure needed (at least it's a mystery to me...)

    Hi all, I've been going through my father's boxes and came across his GI Joe stuff. This is a 3 3/4" test shot figure, but I can't figure out which. He's stamped 1990, Hong Kong H-1. He's wearing a mask over his eyes and appears to be shirt-less. Maybe he's a ninja. Any help is greatly appreciated!

    A link to photos is:

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    Can I ask another quick question then... he's stamped 1990, but Night Creeper Leader is a 93/94 figure. Is it normal that they have an earlier date stamp? Or does this have to do with his being a test shot?

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    Night Creeper Leader's waist and legs were originally used to create Night Creeper (1990). Hence the date stamp of 1990. Hasbro just didn't want to retool the legs.

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    OK, i'll bite. Are you the son of a collector or is there more to this story? Like son of somebody who worked on the line?

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    Well, you're close. Believe it or not, girls can sort through boxes too.

    My dad used to work for Hasbro and, though we've gone through most of it already, bits and pieces keep popping up. This figure was the legendary one because his derriere says 1990, but it appears he was not.

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    What did your father do for Hasbro? BDo you know if his likeness was used for a figure?


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