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    haven't really seen too many of them so far in person... still looking for the alley-viper.
    from what i've seen, there's not a lot jumping out at me. i picked up Beach Head, Cobra Commander and Recondo. haven't seen any of the other wave 2 figures yet. for the most part, wave 1 didn't really appeal to me. i've got plenty of snake eyes and storm shadow, and the duke just looks silly to me. snow job has some really cool accessories, but i always find the good stuff when it isn't pay week. i thought the mech suits looked kinda cool though. i'll probably do like i did with the movie line and pick most of them up on clearance.

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    I finally found a Jungle-Viper today! Had to go to 3 Target stores to find one. And only 1 Target had it.

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    I gotta tell you. I am really diggin' some of these new Joes. I love all the gear - it gives tons of options. I love the looks. Yeah - they are more subdued than Joes of the past but in a good not boring (RoC) way.

    I've decided I like the geared-down Recondo better as well as Zartan's "disguise mode".

    The Jungle Viper is the surprise for me b/c I really thought I'd be crazy about him, but once I got him out of the package I'm less excited. It's not that he's bad - he does have the cool Death Scythe **** Custom looking going - it's just... I don't know he's not as cool as I thought he'd be. I know some think he's Hasbro's homage to the Night Viper, but I would have rather just gotten a true Night Viper over this one. If I could narrow it down to one thing (or one pair of things) it's the gauntlets with the ball-joint attachment. I wish they'd found another way to do the arm camo without giving the bare figure those joints sticking out.

    Ah well, saves me from army-building him.

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    I got an Alley Viper and Jungle Viper to open and a couple more figures on the card but that is it on the figures for me. I don't know if I am dissapointed because I never really expected that much to begin with. Regardless of all the endless debates about O-ring vs. 25th sculpt, I just like the o-ring figures better. No one is going to convince me otherwise so most everything that comes out now is ho-hum for me.

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    I think what I'm going to start doing is buying the Flint figure in the Cobra disguise. I'll put the Cobra head on him and army-build the stuffing out of him. They're cheap.

    Like a few of you, the Jungle Viper is so unwieldy, I just don't think I'd care to get more than one. Maybe a squad of three. Same for the Alley Vipers.

    I do want Dusty. That's one figure that's just too cool. My son is nuts about Quick-Kick, so I have to scare one of him up for Christmas, he also needs a new Snake-Eyes. His RoC SE figure is just about worn out, I've reglued his visor twice.

    The new Firefly, on the other hand, is growing on me. Must...resist...temptation...already...have...25th Anniversary figure...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bleak5170
    Which two do you have?

    I actually have 3 duke and commander I found in store, and firefly from a trade.

    I've since seen a whole load of storm shadows. But literally nothing else.
    firefly owns you!

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    I guess this has kinda turned into the general PoC comments thread? (One was needed needed, if not.) Glad people aren't too disappointed if they were to begin with.

    Anyway, I can't remember who said they were going to mod their Dusty to twist at the stomach (instead of at the upper torso), but that sounds impossible to me!

    The torso doesn't really bother me. Dusty is a pretty good figure. You can take that cheesecloth scarf and wrap it around his face, tucking it under the helmet. The alternate, masked head reminds me of the Star Wars speeder bike villain.

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    P.S., I used the Dusty barbed wire trap over one of the sides of the '83 HQ. Looks great, I guess you could achieve the same thing with some springs, e.g., from Ace Hardware. Could use 3 more!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikePrime
    No matter what, Hasbro is doing much better on it's own than having to follow the character designs of that crap movie.
    Agreed 100%.

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    Over all I'm rather pleased with the line. I've gotten so far Firefly (Very cool), Dusty (Ubber cool), Beechhead (awesome), Snow Job (also awesome), Recondo (Awesomer), 3 Alley Vipers (Double Awesome), Spirit (Mega-Awesome), and 4 Jungle Vipers (Ubber Mega-Awesome with a quad shot of Espresso!!!).

    I passed on Cobra Commander; hooded or chromed smooth faceplate or it aint CC to me. I don't like Storm Shadow as I dispise figures that look like the neighborhood rotweiler ate and then regurgitated them. Jury's out on Destro (I got several already), Duke (Looks kinna like that video game guy), Zartan (I need to take a closer look, and the second wave Snakeeyes (I plan on getting the 1st wave one for the articulated Timber).

    As for the vehicles I already picked up the HISS (Which is awesome after paint job), and Snow Cat (It will ALWAYS be the Snow Cat to me), and plan on getting the rest (Even the mechs) and more HISS tanks, AND the ones that havent been released yet.

    Overall not AS good as the 25th Anniversary stuff, but a LOT better than ROC


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