I have a ton of extra Mauler parts including all the rare parts. I have the following for trade. I am in desperate need of the tow cable for the Wolverine and would be willing to trade any of the parts listed below for that specific piece. Here goes:

Mauler MBT parts F/T
small antennae
large antenna
tow hook x2 both are mint and unbroken/undamaged no stress
3x mud flaps
2x smoke launchers
spare wheels
2x unbroken tank treads
Mauler body w/broken tank treads clean battery case if you want to frankenstein this one w/one you have it would be perfect for that. The cannon is intact and undamaged.
2x cannopy for cockpit 1 of each left and right side
all engine covers are available also. I am probably missing something but if you think of something you need not listed here for the Mauler MBT LMK as I probably have it. I don't have the battery cover though. Please email me at [email protected] and I hope we can work out a deal. YO JOE!!!!

Aaron Curry