Cobra special 2 and special announcement

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    Cobra special 2 and special announcement

    ***** spoilers possible after first post*****

    This is an issue you MUST pick up, I don't read much because if I start reading something and it's good. I cant put it down until I am finished.
    such is the case with this issue but I am not talking about the Erika Le Tene story, no I am talking about Speed Trap. by Duane Swierczynski

    Speed Trap is a teaser 33 page short story...typed!
    and get this it is about the Joes best driver...Skidmark!! Before you laff and snicker, no that has to be Clutch... read the story.

    The extra dollar is nothing when you consider you are gettting a regular comic ( I havent been too thrilled with the Cobra stories anyway but this is passable)
    No the real treat is Speed Trap.
    The juicy part is this is in the BOOK tales from the Cobra Wars, which to my knowledge will be the first novel type book ever for GIJOE. Sure we have had kid's books and movie storybooks before but this looks to be a novel of collected short stories. Hitting bookstores in Mach 2011.
    Johnathan Mayberry, Duane Swierczynski, Matt Forbeck Jon Mc GOran John Skipp and Cody Goodfellow, Chuck Dixon, Dennis Tafoya, and Max Brooks all contribute.

    is it March yet?

    PS to Max Brooks(editor) you have used the word unfortunately when u should have used unfortunate spell check wont catch that.
    also the print ad says every angel not angle.
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