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    I consider myself to be a loose collector. But what I found when trying to complete the later years of the ARAH line was that MOC figures were often no more expensive than loose/complete ones. So I have managed to accumulate almost 80 MOC Joes - all from 1992-1994 - that don't really fit into my collection per se but I don't have the heart to open them.

    I also have found myself accumulating boxes for vintage vehicles. I only own maybe two ARAH vehicles MISB, but I have a TON of boxes to display with loose vehicles. The art is too cool to pass up.

    When I buy the newer stuff, though, it all stays MOC/MISB unless it's something that really attracts my attention. I army-built several of the Cobras from the 25th line, so I opened all but one of each of them (what good is a MOC army?) and I bought extras of the VAMP and Stinger to open and display with my VAMP collection but the rest of it is MOC. Ditto with MOTU Classics and the 20XX MOTU line and any other new lines I dabble in.
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    I mainly collect loose, but I started dabbling in collecting MOC figures during the 25th line. I bought some extras of figures that I already had loose. Just ones that I thought had the best card art. I like the overall presentation of the figures carded and I have them on display. Plus, they bring back a lot of great memories.

    I, also, have a lot of 25th army builders MOC from when they were going cheap at Family Dollars and Big Lots at $3.00 and $4.00 each. I didn't really need them, but I couldn't pass them up at those prices. I have them stored in case I need them for a future project. I'll just pass them along to someone else at some point if I don't.

    And, I have PoC army builders MOC. I only have one Alley Viper and one Jungle Viper loose. I left my duplicates carded. I think it's because I don't really need multiples of those figures at the moment, but I wanted to make sure that I had them in case I did. I'm sure the Alley Vipers are going to come off the cards once I get the new Cobra Fury.


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