Last July I forwarded the following complaint to the Yo Joe Better Business Bureau, but it was NEVER posted because Yo Joe was transitioning to this new classified ads system. I am posting it now because fellow collectors deserve to be warned against a con-artist called Rob Adkins...

******** BUYER BEWARE *********

This warning is to notify GI Joe and other collectors about Rob Adkins from Holden, Missouri. This individual ripped me off $147 that I paid him for G.I. Joe vehicles and figures that he never delivered. Rob's standard operating procedure is apparently to make good on small deals, for which he uses as favorable references on larger deals. Rob Adkins is generally very friendly and polite in email conversation, which he uses to his advantage. He strung me alone for three months with all kinds of excuses before I finally accepted the fact that I would never receive from him the items I paid for. Rob Adkins is still actively soliciting Joe sales through His last ad that I saw was dated June 22.

Mailing address:
Rob Adkins
1380 NW 555
Holden, MO 64040

Known email addresses:
[email protected]
[email protected]

Known eBay registrations:


March 30: Sent Rob a $147 money order for 4 G.I. Joe vehicles and 4 G.I. Joe figures.

April 5: Rob received my M.O. On this same day he promised to ship everything in 4 days with delivery confirmation.

April 23: Still no package. After emailing Rob to ask what gives, he responded saying he had a "truck wreck" and didn't get the package shipped out. He promised to forward the tracking number when he shipped the package.

April 30: No tracking number… No response to any emails.

May 1: Rob responded! He said he hadn't gotten around to it, but will ship out today.

May 24: No tracking number… No response to any emails.

May 25: Rob responded! This time he said he addressed the package wrong and that it was returned to him. Again he promised to ship the package in 4 days with delivery confirmation. He still would not provide a tracking number.

May 31: No tracking number… I emailed Rob promising to reimburse round-2 shipping costs if he would just send me the tracking number.

June 15: No tracking number… No response to any emails.

June 16: Rob responded! This time he pointed out he didn't have one of the specific items I had paid him for. I told him he could replace it with something else. Rob said he'd most certainly email me with the tracking
number, and that the reasons for the delay [2 ½ months at this point] was that he was "going through a bad divorce."

July 5: Three months after Rob received my M.O. Still no tracking number. No response to any emails.

Keep an eye out for this crook,
-Bill Jackson