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    What are the two bottle looking things that come with skydive?

    Which brings up my only criticism of the figure line- it would be nice if there was a pack in or some instructions on the back of the card that showed you how different parts go together for the figures. I think there are plenty of kids who didn't figure out how to put together the jungle viper, or realize that the "club" that came with one of the snake eyes figures is actually the sheath for his sword (I work with kids for my job, and I know a few kids had this problem), etc. The detail on the figs and accessories is amazing. I'd think more people would appreciate that detail if they knew how to best put it all together. ;-) :-)


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    Wave 4 Figures

    Wow! I can't wait for wave 4!!! Low-Light looks awesome, plain and simple, with a great retro look. I like Skydive, but wish he wasn't wearing a facemask..he's a good guy for darn sakes. I appreciate what they did with Destro; the cash is cool, and I like the heavily armoured apppearance. Of the 4 figures, Shadow Tracker is my least favourite, and even he looks pretty cool....

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    I think I'll have to have one of each.

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    I ordered Skydive from BBTS last night and will be keeping my eyes open for Low-Light. Of course I will purchase all four figures, but Low-Light is the figure I want the most from this wave.

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    Low Light.

    Oh, yeah, Low Light will be the one from this wave who doesn't make it to the shelves in Wally World or Target and will have starting bids of $20 on eBay. I'm seriously thinking about getting a job at either store just to get at the new figures. Seems like that's common practice around Indy. The Alley Viper was a rumor unless you went to eBay. Even the on-line stores were sold out of thier pre-order allotments, however that works. Of course, that is the impression I got when I went to get my 4 man squad and find one after 4 different stores, including TrU. Anybody feel bad for me yet? I hear wonderful things about a place called Ross. Gonna have to move or work in a big box store.

    (f.y.i. On a side note, because of the scarcity, I kept my Alley Viper in its package and will probably trade or sell him. I'll post on this in the proper place once I figure out what I should part with and get all my ducks in a row.)
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    I picked up an Alley Viper the other day it was the only one on the shelf at Wal Mart. I think it goes without saying I will not part with this bad boy.

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    Im interested in wave 4 the most not so much 3 .I cant wait to receive skydive and low light.You guys that already have the figures what do you think of them ?

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    I was lucky enough to stop by the store a week ago, and found that the wave 4 figures had arrived. The clerk said that he had just put them out a few minutes prior to my arrival. Of course, I bought all four of them. There were plenty of the Shadow Tracker, Skydive and Destro, but only a couple of Lowlight figures. All four are good, but Lowlight is clearly the gem of this wave. Now if I can only get my hands on a Steel Marauder mech suit....

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    The stell Marauder is fab , I got my wave four figres last week just hit the UK.I agree Lowlight is the best figure we want more vehicles and new characters released next.

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    I haven't seen wave four in the stores yet, but Lowlight is the figure that I am going to get. I was looking forward to a new Destro, but I'm not crazy about his walking tank outfit. I would like to see a more modern take on the classic design. I might pickup Skydive if I hear good things about him, but most likely will not pick up Shadow Tracker.


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