GI Joe The Pursuit of Cobra Wave 4

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    GI Joe The Pursuit of Cobra Wave 4

    The battle heats up with four new figures...

    Pictured is a look at Hasbro's latest assortment of new GI Joe: The Pursuit of Cobra action figures. Wave 4, scheduled for release this January, will include:

    * Low-Light
    * Destro
    * Shadow Tracker
    * Skydive HALO Jumper

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    Well, Low Light looks awesome, of course, but the others are not really doing it for me. They seem like a bit of a departure from the "realistic" thing PoC seemed to be going for. Shadow Tracker's pretty cool, but Skydive and Destro leave me pretty cold. I may have to pick a Destro up if only for that sweet briefcase full of cash, though.

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    If Destro was a real "G", that briefcase would be Euros only.
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    Destro doesn't need a sample case. He is the sample case.

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    WOW! I was getting ready to customize a Low Light figure, but Hasbro finally got him out to us. Shadow Tracker looks like Predator with Klingon weapons...

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    I'm definitely going to buy Low-Light if I can find one. I'll give Shadowtracker and chance buy one of him, too. I'm not sure about Skydive, but I'm glad he's not another Duke, Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, or some other character that I have a lot of. As for Destro, I hope they use that sculpting again to make a new Cobra army builder.

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    I still really dont dig the shadow tracker.
    Destro is a touch on the brute tank side of things to be destro, but that money case is spot on.
    LOW-LIGHT!!!!!!!!! nuff said
    Sky-dive is so rad, gotta have

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    I think all of 'em look great, and plan on getting one of each. I am so glad not to see another costume change for Snake Eyes or Storm Shadow. And while there are a few Destros out there in the current line, I think this sculpt looks cool enough (and different enough) to be worth the purchase.


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    my biggest complaint about Destro, is that the Smart Gun that was displayed with him at the first showing at the convention is now longer included. that was the whole reason i wanted the figure to begin with! was gonna get two, remove the cobra logo, and replace the heads.


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