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Last month, Collectibles Insurance shared some information about who handles our claims. They thought you might be interested in more details about the claims themselves. These stats are based on 2009 claim numbers since Collectibles Insurance are still receiving claims for 2010.

* (About) 38 claims are reported per month

* 75% of claims were paid

* 11% of claims were withdrawn by the customer (usually because the item was located)

* (Only) 13% of claims were declined

Although Collectibles Insurance insures far more collectors than dealers, only 46% of claims were for collectors, of which 81% were paid, 9% were withdrawn by customer and only 9% were declined.

The most common collector claim is breakage followed by shipping loss/damage, theft, transit (moving), mysterious disappearance (which means they lost it and that is not covered), water damage, fire, and yes, they had a few earth quake claims this year. Amazingly there were no hurricane claims in 2009.

So rest assured, when disaster strikes, your claim will be handled efficiently and fairly.

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