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    Looking forward to know what vehicles/vehicle parts you found...
    http://www.joetoonarchive.com/ - Great screenshot archive ;)

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    Here's most of the new stuff I found!!! I didn't post pictures of about 15 guys cause I know I have their accessories and weapons but I can't find them yet.

    gi joe 3 pictures by treyphish333 - Photobucket
    All of the figures are in great condition and have strong limbs, there are a few things to note.

    - Short Fuze, Grunt, and Stalker, although complete and in great shape, are missing 1 thumb each.

    - Duke is the 1983 mail-order version and is mint.

    - I'll be happy to answer any other questions and take any pictures you want.

    I'll post the other guys when/if I find their weapons. I know there's another big box somewhere in my house. I had a huge childhood collection from garage sales, flea markets, and just buying them at the store, so I have tons of stuff, it's finding it that's difficult. PM me with anything and I will be sure to post stuff as I find in my mess of a storage room.

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    bumpity, just found a V3 Ozone that was made in indonesia if anyone is interested

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