Update!:G1 3 3/4 Joes, Parts, Weapons for sale


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    Update!:G1 3 3/4 Joes, Parts, Weapons for sale

    I have an enormous container full of Joes. I also have many parts and tons of weapons. Some Joes are in pieces but just need a new rubberband. If there is something specific you are looking for let me know and I'm sure we can work something out. I have to warn anyone looking that none of these are boxed or mint.

    edit: Update

    Snake Eyes w/ Uzi
    B.A.T.S. w/Claw add on
    Zap upper body
    Cobra Soldier (codename: The Enemy) w/Sniper Rifle
    Sgt. Slaughter
    Cobra Commander w/pistol
    Grand Slam
    Steel Brigade w/gun

    Update: Just found the other tupperware container I've been looking for with a couple vehicles and many more weapons and accessories including Zartan's backpack with alternate face place inside. I'll have pics up in a few hours of all the new stuff I found, so be on the lookout!
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    sending a pm
    "You can do it, Grunt. You've got to do it, man." - Zap (Marvel #4)

    My wants

    ***/ (5#)####

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    PM sent your way.

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    here is the entire collection. make me offers, im very flexible

    Login to a private Photobucket.com album

    password: cobra

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    PM Sent to you.

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    Login to a private Photobucket.com album

    password: cobra

    here's the stuff I found that's not in the other pictures

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    How much for the lot?

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    Not selling it as a lot. Will be glad to discuss prices with you if there are specific things you are looking for.

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    I finally found my other box full of joes...the ones i didn't play with. These are all from 82-87 and 90% of them are in near-mint/mint shape and most with all of their accessories. I also found a handful of my vehicles. I will post pictures late tonight or tomorrow. I really need to clean out my crawl space cause I know there's more.

    As a taste of what's to come...I have the mail-order 1983 duke in mint condition with helmet and gun. I have a 1982 Cobra officer, 1982 stalker, 1982 rock n roll, grunt, short fuze. Thunder near mint complete with all accessories and slugger. I will post everything as soon as I can.

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