Toy Fair 2011 Coverage

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    Toy Fair 2011 Coverage

    All the latest news and photos from New York City...

    Hasbro has decided to celebrate the 30th anniversary of GI Joe one year early with their 30 for 30 promotion. The new products will start seeing release in Fall of 2011 and will consists of 30 new products including action figures and vehicles in celebration of the upcoming anniversary.

    The new line-up will consits of:

    Wave 3 (May 2011)
    - General Hawk
    - Cobra Trooper
    - Blowtorch
    - Jungle BAT
    - Cobra Commander
    - Steel Brigade

    Wave 4
    - Crazy Legs
    - Croc Master
    - Rock Viper
    - Snake Eyes (Temple Guard)
    - Iron Grenadier
    - Viper

    Renegades figures will make their action figure debut in the Fall and will consists of:

    - Firefly
    - Duke
    - Snake Eyes
    - Cobra Commander
    - Hazard Viper
    - Techno Viper

    There will be a Bravo Vehicle assortment consisting of:

    - Black Dragon VTOL (Renegades)
    - VAMP Mk. II
    - Crimson HISS Tank

    A brand new Sky Striker with ACE figure will be released in the Fall. Hasbro no longer had the original tools for this vehicle so this is a 100% newly tooled vehicle that will still retain its flip-out wings, though the cockpit has been scaled back to only seat one figure as opposed to two.

    Additionally, the new Sky Striker sculpt will also see use as one of Hasbro's San Diego Comic-Con Exclusives: Starscream as a Sky Striker, with Pilot Cobra Commander and Megatron pistol side-arm!

    For more photos visit our image gallery at

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    For a great selection of pop culture t-shirts and apparel, check out and

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    Starscream is sick!
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    so are the zarans not real figures? she is my most wanted figure and by far the coolest looking thing to me in there.

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    It was cool seeing Cobra Commander with Megatron as his sidearm. Starscream as an F-14 instead of an F-15 was good too. I just wish Starscream was the Nightraven like in the miniseries.

    I don't like Renegades, however the new TECHNO-VIPER figure looks kick-***. And the Hazard Viper is great looking. I guess Cobra didn't want a return of the Toxo-Viper.

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    Starscream looks like he has two seats. I'll assume that's just a mock up of a vintage one. Will likely be impossible to get a hold of.

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    just brings a little tear to my eye

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    There's no way they are going to make enough Starscream sets to fill demand. Get ready to pay $400 on Ebay folks.
    Looking for Arctic Commando Snow Serpent, Starduster version A, and 82/83 trooper rifles.

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    my wish list:

    iron granadier ( x3 ) (now i know where the S.M.A.R.T. gun went... /giddy) edit: maybe repeater will steal one of these guns
    general Hawk
    jungle B.A.T. ( x4 ) one of the B.A.T.s will lose its accessories to roadblock
    Duke (renegade)
    Zarana (and her friend)
    Viper ( x3 )

    after seeing Duke and Zarana... hopefully Renegades Scarlett and Baroness will finally have decent head sculpts, and hopefully Baroness will finally get a decently proportioned body, period. i haven't liked any of her sculpts, so far. ditto with storm shadow. when are we finally going to get a storm shadow that's as good as wave 3 snake eyes? ( just as long as we don't keep getting real crappy versions in the mean time...)
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    Thumbs up Thank You, Hasbro, thank You. Grazie!

    YO JOE!
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    I'm not a huge fan of Zarana, so I'm glad I'm not having to pay $60+ But then there is Starscream. $400 easy. Damn!

    Blowtorch, and Croc-Master are a total waste. Since I have to buy by the case I guess I'm stuck with them. Well some 7 year olds first joe will be those two. Temple Snake-Eyes too if he has tornado kick action.

    Now Steel Brigade. Awesome.
    Techno-Viper Awesome
    Rock-Viper Awesome.
    Hawk looks to be this year's Pitt Commando.
    The Viper and Trooper look great too. I wonder if Hasbro will do trooper builder cases for those?
    Crazy-Legs looks good.
    Not crazy about Ace's Helmet, but Skystiker is the winner this year.


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