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    Lookin fantastic! Thats gotta cost a good bit of dough

    So how many figures do you estimate you have?

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    Can I have one of your Ninja Vipers?

    And is that a Tiger force Shipwreck in the first pic?
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    TF shipwreck is named marujo, a brazilian figure made by estrela, not terribly hard to find, but can be difficult to get a minty one and can run you a good bit of dough to get.

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    Really awesome collection, so many nice figures I could easily find a couple that would fit perfectly into my collection *lol*
    Best Regards

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    Thats a very nice collection there, a lot of great treasures!

    Have you got any use for a spare left nut? I'll trade you mine for that cancelled walmart Alley-Viper.
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    Great collection. Real fun to go through your pictures.

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    This collection is so nice. Great work. Must have cost a small fortune but fair play to you mate, I love it! Enjoy.

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