THis guy has some nerve I bought A MISB night landing look at the auction desription below.

GI Joe Cobra original Night Landing MISB 3 3/4". All pieces are in unopened original bags, the box is in great condition. Flag points are still attached and box has been checked to make sure all items are there. Insurance can be added for an additional $1.10 (U.S. Only). Canadian winners will need to pay actual packaging, shipping & insurance costs. Shipment is scheduled for shipping after receipt of payment by Paypal or a Money Order. Personal Checks (U.S. Only) must clear prior to the schedule of shipping. Please feel free to ask any questions that you may have prior to bidding. View my other GI Joe, Star Wars and He-Man MOC auctions this week.

AS you can see he state that he opend the box and made sure all the items were there now if you do it right no problem RIGHHT!!!.When I got it one side of the tape was opened the parts have been taken from there rack and pot together .he said I opend it and then wanted a refund,and it's people like me that give ebayers and joe collectors bad names.This toy was MIB anybody who collect MISB or MOC joes would understand my problem.HE IS A LIAR AND IT's RIGHT INFRONT OF HIM IN HIS DESRIPTION AND HE JUST WONT ADMIT IT.AND JUST CAUSE I LEFT HIM -FEEDBACK BEACUASE I HAD A RIGHT TOO HE WILL PROBABLY LEAVE IT FOR ME WHEN I PAID IN FULL FOR IT WHEN I DID NOTHING WRONG,JUST LIKE MOST OF MY - ARE!!!