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    Topics on the con exist here, but they're not catching traffic.

    I think this site in general supports the classic o-ring ARAH era more than the new era stuff.....and since the GIJCC abandoned that style a couple years back, and Hasbro sure isn't making any more, the general feeling toward the con around here is "meh".
    MapQuest really needs to start their directions on #5. I'm pretty sure I know how to get out of my neighborhood.....

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    Took the family this year, everyone had such a great time. Having Disney World nearby was such an added bonus for the kids. Thank you to the Club for doing such a wonderful job!
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    Currently buying ROC & POC Testshots/Prototypes.

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    Anyone know what the working name was for this/these prototype playsets?

    I'M A MAC

    NEEDED: SDCC Gold PDD, SDCC Blue Suited CC, SDCC TTT SGT. Slaughter, SDCC Starscream, SDCC Shockwave, FSS Nano BATs, FSS Desert Scorpions & FSS CGIs, MISB/UNUSED MIB M.A.S.K. stuff, a factory tachometer for a 65 Chevy Impala, lawyers, guns & money...

    Want LiSSt...

    Dondi CIA
    Bates AIO
    Dream TDK
    Jepsy TRD
    Bob Ross PBS

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    Quote Originally Posted by firefly owns you View Post
    HOLY CRAP. They need to retire the diaper crotched 25th molds. It looks absolutely ridiculous and makes that particular commander look stupid.
    Yeah, I definitely agree!

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    Quote Originally Posted by skinny View Post
    pics online already
    they all look good this year
    blowtorch in green
    zombie viper!
    and the renegades figures look very good but no Destro Baroness or Roadblock yet.
    data viper
    kwinn in khaki
    Zarana is still SDCC grrr
    no coyote either
    no mechs, they were canceled and the bike and scout hiss will be online only.
    Zombie Viper!

    While this is NOT G.I. Joe to me, I do love Zombies. The Walking Dead comic and Left 4 Dead video game are staples in my house. It'll be fun to buy a bunch of these.

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    I dont think these zombies are going to munch on brains, probably why they come with a set of tentacles.
    the toxo viper zombie filecard never mentioned brain eating.
    Not to say that they cant just that Hasbro will probably keep the filecard PC

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    Was everything picked clean at JoeCon? The club finally added some JoeCon 2011 items, but it's only the convention comic book, a figure stand and the 12" figure boxed set.

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    Dave(commander) posted over on the club forums everything sold out including 12 inch and t shirts and there wont be anything in the club store.

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    I guess modern style figures are the way to go. The club still has toys from last year's JoeCon. Oh well.


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