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    yes i think that in order for there to be more O ring figs the club would have to change hands, or a new club would have to arise.
    o rings have now joined 1/6 and are only a collectible now. they hung on through the various stages Joe has gone through in the last two decades but their time is over. not a forerunner retail item. But just like 1/6 maybe we will see something in the future albeit a small offering. They did do 4 new 1/6 this year after all.

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    got this email last night stating that there ARE some items available still:

    These are the only items left from the convention and are in the club store:

    New GI Joe Items - Officer Level pricing:
    4-7-11 -2011 GIJoeCon 12 inch Drive Into Danger Convention Boxed Set (1 pc)$325.00+shipping
    4-8-11 -2011 GIJoeCon Convention Program w/Comic-Perfect enemies (1pc) $4.95+shipping
    4-9-11 -2011 GIJoeCon 3.75 Action Figure Display System(figures/cards not included) pack of 3- $9+shipping
    FREE downloadable backgrounds for the Action Figure Display System will soon be
    available on
    4-13-11 -2011 GIJoeCon 3 3/4 Mission Brazil T-Shirt (XL) 1 pc$20+shipping
    4-14-11 -2011 GIJoeCon 3 3/4 Mission Brazil T-Shirt (2XL) 1 pc$22+shipping
    4-11-11 -2011 GIJoeCon 12 inch Drive Into Danger T-shirt-Medium (1 pc)$20+shipping
    4-10-11 -2011 GIJoeCon 12 inch Drive Into Danger T-shirt-Large (1 pc)$20+shipping
    4-12-11 -2011 GIJoeCon 12 inch Drive Into Danger T-shirt-(XL) 1 pc$20+shipping

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    Yeah, I got that too. Aside from the Drive into Danger set, it's all junk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skinny View Post
    pics online already
    they all look good this year
    blowtorch in green
    I've seen people mention this figure on a couple boards but I haven't seen anything. Granted, I'm a little new to this(took a 20 yr hiatus) and I'm only aware of a couple of places. Usually links from YoJoe and GeneralsJoes. But I've only seen a couple people say that the Green Blowtorch would be a variant. Except they don't sight any sources for that info.

    Can anybody fill in these gaps for me? A link to a Hasbro statement, or a picture? Where is this all coming from?

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    It has been said it will not be so much a variant as a running change, both he and croc master will come out in yellow then when supplies are gone they will be the prototype green and tan for blowtorch and a diff color for croc master. So the first cases will have the yellow and will be the lesser produced of the run.
    The change was made due to the feedback the prototype pics got on various sites, and the suggestion to do the 1984 prototype colors instead. So they do read what we say at Hasbro.

    feel free to PM me for a link to the site that shall not be named.
    General's joes however is a very reliable source of info. Justin is not known for posting rumors without some solid source.
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    Very cool. I just would see people mention it in passing and wasn't sure where they were coming from. Like I said, I got back into this kinda late and have been playing catch up with the 25th line. So a bright yellow "reissue" of Blowtorch was fine by me. But I can see how if you got one the first time around that this one would hold no interest for you.

    Hard to tell from the screen cap in the 1984 PreProduction archive here. Still very cool that they would basically stop production and change things up based on what a bunch of dudes on some internet forums(just playing) commented.

    Thanks for the explainations skinny.
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