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    So i bid on 21 figures, a silver pads grandslam, zartan, the twins, cobra soldier and hooded cobra commander. The pic wasn't greatest quality and all the joes were sitting down. I emailed about the condition, and was told "excellent" just like the item description.

    Well they arrived, and they are all worthless. Massive paint wear on all figs, loose joints on almost all the figs, no matching accessories of course, and some broken crotches/thumbs/hands.

    The grandslam, has red paint on his face, a crack on the top of his head, looose joints (all of them) and massive paint wear that is blurred by the picture

    the lady says she and her husband checked them both, which is BS. No way that poor quality figs like this could even be considered less than POOR.

    First she offers a 10$ refund, now she says no cash refunds, but will offer me a "mint" game in trade instead.

    What a ******** joke. My last three deals on ebay were crap, one i have sorted out, another i am in the process of, and this one, well i am filing a complaint we ebay, paypal, and whoever else i can. This type of crap has to stop. I am sick and tired of "working" things out with people.

    I know rating systems are supposed to be subjective, and with 1200 positives and only 5 negs, i would assume this seller to be trustworthy.

    There is no doubt in my mind this is a scam. Its not about the money, its about principle now. I am really steamed. Makes me want to give up this hobby.

    How do people sleep well, knowingly ripping people of..???

    sorry i had to rant, but i am tired of being nice and not negging people, and then being taken advantage of.

    Describle the farking product properly so i can make an educataed bid...

    is it that much to ask?????

    Fenway, really really really ****ed off with the rotten apples in the community.

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    well, as compensation, i am accepting a Castle Risk Game. Don't ask, i actually like this version of the game and i ca'nt buy it at any store new, so i guess with the figures its a fair trade off...

    it will let me finish off my own LOTR risk game i created.

    still, just list the damm things right, so i don't have to spazz out.....

    actually i was very calm, but it gets annoying after awhile.


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