Looks like oldschooljoe changed his name again.


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    oldschooljoe changed his name to maddieandmike don't bid on his auction this guy will rip you off. And he's very shady when it comes to dealing.

    Does anyone know how we can report him to ebay that he keeps changing his name? he still keeps the bad feedback but he's changing his name.

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    Ebay allows people to change their name nothing can be done about that other than to try to keep on top of it so you don't bid on his stuff by mistake.

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    Thanks for posting this man! Posts like this help keep people aware of whats going on out there & who to look out for! I'll make sure I don't buy from him as well! Thanks! [img]smile.gif[/img]

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    Thanks for an update on this punk, I'm keeping an eye on him.
    Selling out! LMK what you need!


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