Sgt. Savage and Hall of Fame Stuff

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    Sgt. Savage and Hall of Fame Stuff

    I have some Sgt. Savage and Hall of Fame stuff I'm looking to unload. If you see anything you want let me know. Make an offer. I'm willing to trade or sell. Take it all or take a single piece. Your choice. If nobody wants if then I'll likely be donating it to Goodwill.

    The Savage stuff is NOT MOC. The packaging HAS been opened but the figures are in perfect condition and are complete.

    Mostly Hall of Fame 12" Joes here. The Grunt and 1991 styled Snake-Eyes have broken limbs. Cobra Commander's left thumb has been partially chewed off by a pet. That's a Firefly in the blue Cobra suit.

    And here we have a whole heap of 12" Joe accessories. I think but will not swear to it that all the accessories to the figures above are included here. Plus there are other accessories that came from packs included.

    I also have but not pictured a collector case for the original Tim Burton Batman action figures. Features Batman and the Joker on it. The two black plastic trays inside look to be in good condition.

    EDIT: Also have some vehicles for sell on Ebay.
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