anybody knows nate doyle?

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    hi fellow g.i.joe collectors, a few weeks ago i made a deal with this guy , i send him 100 dollars, and so far i havent receive the goods, so i would like to know if somebody around here have make deals with this guy, because it seems he got away with my money!

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    Don't know him..

    But I hope you asked this before you sent him money..

    Did you check him out before dealing?


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    no , but he seems like an honest guy , i probably been con by this man , and i have proof of that ,so i hope this woulbe useful by other memebers of yojoe classifieds, dont do deals with him, and also , since im an outsider , it is difficult to me to do something to recover my money,.

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    I knew this guy would give me problems,Ive sent him his merchandise and
    he says he never recieved it and wants his $100 back.Well he is the liar here,i checked up on this with the confermation number and it appears that my package i sent him arrived right on time.I gave him this information and he still denies everything.I was going to report him to yojoe bad traders but i figured that it wasnt to much of a deal.
    I did my part,i know he recieved it.What else am i susposed to do?

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    thats ok , cutaway , dont return his money!
    eh is a cheater!, and to all people of, DONT DO DEALS WITH NATE DOYLE!!

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    After I copied and pasted this message, and emailed it to him, he didnt want to make a deal cause I didnt hear from him??? Scammer?????? hmmmmmmmmm...............

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    this comes a little late for me, i sent him $165 for a large lot of figures, he said he got the money and i havent heard from him since. i think i may pay him a visit because youngstown oh isnt that far from where i am...
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