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    Yes and no. There's a new Steel Brigade figure on the way, but he's not a mail-away, he'll be a regular carded release.

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    ohio- right next to the air force museum- which totally rules.
    Quote Originally Posted by Janus View Post
    This is the second time I have heard new one. Are they making new ones to order again?
    GI Joe 2011 Series 03 - Steel Brigade - GI Joe 2010 - 2011 GI Joe 3.75" Figures

    I'm kinda wanting a few of them myself. hopefully they'll actually show up at retail.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Janus View Post
    I was actually thinking of buying a new one then scanning the file card and then removing the text and type new text in and print a new card.
    hey give me my idea back doggone it! except I was going to scan the pic on the card, then make a new file card just like the original 8X10 you got with the figure except with nicer graphics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darthdrew13 View Post
    That'll work! Crazy may still live just yet!

    I'd like to get a Hi-Res scan of the vintage file card and edit that and re-print so I can have the one I never ordered. Then come up with a nice one in smaller size too.

    JoeCustoms.com > Filecard Creator

    this may help you with the second part

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    I used that for my "realistic" file card based on my Air Force days.
    Thanks for the reminder!
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    I had named mine Charbroiled Chad or possibly Charboiled Chad not sure. Lost it and my figures that I played with as a child. I really hope that the file card ended up in a good collectors hands, or that it still exists. My Parents kept the figure , patch , and file card in folder in a file cabinet so I would not ruin it.

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    New to the forum but when I saw this I had to join up. For some reason when I was 6-7 years old I thought you had to fill in every space so I named mine superdupercharger.

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    I named mine Sureshot. I remember picking weapon specialties etc. thinking those weapons would be included.

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    I sent off for SB at least twice. Once, his name was Bloodsport because, well, I was obsessed with that movie. I think my Gold Head was named Bushwacker or something like that.

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    Mine was Plastica and yes I used my SB figure as the inspiration for my Screenname on YoJoe


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