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    When you post on here about a ripoff
    please post all their info
    because anybody have the stuff sent in another name but they are probably still
    in the same town or use the same address..

    Example [ I would never trade with anybody from kettering OH because that is where cymbalic did his scamming from ]

    Another example [Willy Darius] (ebay User ID: nextavengers)
    1788 Bedford Avenue Apt.#C21
    Brooklyn, NY 11225

    That type of stuff helps more than just a name
    or even worse is post's saying
    [ [email protected] ripped me off ]

    That stuff tells us nothing..

    Everybody list all the info
    so they can't keep using the same ways to scam us on here..


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    I agree with you Greg but if it is an innocent person and someone posts there info then they complain it is against there Right to privacy and they can press charges for it with IFCC so please be carefull is all I can suggest.

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    well, as for me, ill put all his info, because he cannot do things like that and
    get away that easy!!

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    if they are dumb enough to go around stealing and scamming good people out of their money, I really doubt they would care about the IFCC...or whatever that is. Even
    aol search a person too..

    they are all avaiable on the internet.

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    I only meant if there was an honest mistake of information posted and I assumed someone would post the whole whitepages issue and was prepared to answer that.

    Here is the low down on that. It's like a phone book. You opt to choose whether you are added to the white pages and etc when you open an account with an ISP or phone company. It is always in fine print of course but it can burn you easily if someone reports it tho if they were not commiting fraud and are posted on and slandered and there private information is posted in a public domain. it is a Federal Offense and a Class b Felony of fines from $1000 to $5000 in fines and a possible 6 months to one year in prison. The biggest point is and it sucks that it is this way is that Ifcc puts Privacy issues and offenses above fraud cases. Not that it would happen but I have seen this happen before and All i was contributing was that we should be very responsible with posting others personel info is all. I totaly feel you guys and agree 100%. No harm No foul [img]smile.gif[/img]

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    Thumbs down

    IFCC investigates Computer Fraud Complaints.
    They are a middle-man branch of the FBI.

    If you are nervous about false claims or slander, substanciate the claims with three back ups...
    Use only names or e-mail address...or websites...Publicly posted material.

    If three or more complaints or acusations roll in, like in our lil' slick Willy case here....the chances that they are the genuine article with regards to the defrauded of customers....are great indeed.
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    knowing is half the battle [img]smile.gif[/img] Now they know.
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