Complete Gold Impel Set

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    Complete Gold Impel Set

    Here is a set of cards I have been working on for 3 years now, I recently obtained the last couple cards I needed. It feels good to be done.

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    Awesome and

    Welcome to the club

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    Red face

    I'm quite envious! Thanks for sharing... and if you ever want to part with duplicates, let me know!
    WANTED: Rise of Cobra & Retailiation movie memoriabilia (from scripts and production items, props, to movie and billboard banners, store signage and larger items!). TOP $

    Hasbro Items: Paperwork & design sketches, ARTWORK, licensing books, promo flyers/slicks, employee items, presentation art.

    Licensed Merchandise (non-figure/vehicle) like towels, Coleco ride-on toys (sleds or bicycles) , vintage child clothing, and an original Konami Arcade game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sirt8669 View Post
    Bout damn time! Now Pythonize them!
    HA! I second that.


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